At the Salem College Writing Center (SCWC), we welcome any student who needs a sounding board or help expressing thoughts. We work with any form of writing, from research papers to resumes to love letters. We view clients as people instead of appointments, and we work to make better writers instead of better papers. This is a safe space, so bring your work, grab some candy, and take a seat!


How do I make an appointment?
How long are appointments?

Appointments are either 30 minutes or one hour.

Can I submit my paper online?

All students can schedule online appointments. Please see the schedule for more information.

May I request a specific tutor?

Yes! You may make a generic appointment or you may request a tutor of your choice.

Meet the Staff

If I miss a workshop?

All workshop materials can be found on the Toolkits & Workshops page.

Writing Workshops

Toolkits & Workshops

Online Tutoring

Online appointments are open to all students through Google drive. Follow the instructions and make an appointment.

Become a Tutor

The writing center is staffed by work study students and interns. For more information, please contact Dr. Manthey at