Your college journey is about to begin, and it can become one of the best journeys of your life! Any journey is made easier by having the right information and the right people around you. This is why the “Salem Firsts” program exists. We will connect you with the information and resources to successfully complete your four years of undergraduate at Salem!

Salem Firsts” Programs 2014-2015

Salem Firsts Orientation” August 21-22, 2014

  • Join us TWO days early for a special introduction into life at Salem before anyone else arrives! This FREE program will allow you to spend time with your peer mentor, first year faculty member, orientation leader, and other members of the faculty and staff. Registration information will be sent in early May upon receiving your deposit.
  • We are also excited to be bringing some “Salem Firsts” alumnae to this orientation! You will have the chance to eat dinner with them and to hear their stories of success at Salem and after graduation.

Peer Mentor Program

  • We will connect you with a peer mentor who will act as a guide throughout your four years at Salem. These mentors are knowledgeable about the Salem campus and will be able to guide you to the appropriate resources when you have questions. These mentors are incredible role models and they are excited to share their own experiences with you.
  • Salem Firsts Mentors will be assigned to you upon request. You may request to have a Salem Firsts Mentor even if you cannot attend the Salem Firsts Pre-Orientation program.  Registration for the mentoring program will begin in May, 2014.
  • In time, you will have the chance to act as a mentor to future “Salem Firsts,” sharing your experiences and knowledge to help them transition.

Campus Resources

First Year Faculty Members

Every first year student is assigned to a First Year Faculty member. This faculty member will be your “SIGN 10” (First Year Seminar Course) Instructor and your Academic Advisor until you declare your major in your sophomore year. You will meet your assigned First Year Faculty Member during the “Salem Firsts Orientation” in August. When the rest of the Class of 2018 then arrives two days later, your Advisor will help you to register for fall courses.

Office of Academic Support

Location: Beside Little Chapel in Main Hall

The Office of Academic Support offers wonderful monthly sessions that are helpful to ALL students! The wise students are those who take advantage of these opportunities. Sessions include topics such as Time Management, How to Take Notes Effectively, and Preparing for College Exams.

The Salem Leadership Connection

Your “Salem Firsts” Mentors are part of a group called The Salem Leadership Connection. In addition to supporting the new “Salem Firsts,” these students reach out to middle and high school students to discuss college access and to offer inspiration in attending college. You will have the opportunity to apply to be part of the Salem Leadership Connection in your second semester at Salem. These students are trained yearly, beginning with a yearly weekend retreat. This group is advised by Monica Boyd.

Bis Sis / Little Sis Program

One of the oldest and most important traditions at Salem is the Big Sis / Little Sis program! In September of each year, every new student is paired with a junior “Big Sister” who is a guide and a friend. Big and Little Sisters share small gifts of appreciation during Fall Fest and again at the annual Sophomore-Senior Banquet. As a “Salem First,” you will have the benefit of having both a “Salem Firsts” Mentor and a Salem “Big Sister!” This program is advised by Emily Long in Student Activities.

Office of Student Activities

Emily Long

Director, Emily Long

Phone: 336.917.5000
Location: Shober House

Contact Ms. Long if you have questions about:

  • Orientation
  • Salem Firsts”
  • Student Clubs and Organizations
  • Big Sis / Little Sis
  • Fall Fest
  • Family Weekend
  • January Term
  • Class Officers
  • Off Campus Student Association
  • Campus Activities Board or Dances

Office of Student Professional Development

Monica Boyd

Director, Monica Boyd

Phone: 336.917.5579
Location: Shober House

Contact Ms. Boyd if you have questions about:

  • Salem Firsts”
  • Salem Leadership Connection
  • Salem Signature Leadership Program
  • Internships
  • Career workshops
  • Practice tests for the LSAT, GRE, MCAT, etc.

Residence Life

Director of Residence Life, DeLisa Washington

Phone: 336.917.5451
Location: Shober House

Contact DeLisa Washington if you have questions about life in the residence halls.

Dean of Students

Krispin Barr

Dean Krispin Barr

Phone: 336.721.2627
Location: Shober House

Contact Dean Barr if you have questions about:

Counseling Services

Jack Locicero

Director, Dr. Jack Locicero

Phone: 336.721.2625
Location: Clewell Basement

Contact Dr. Locicero to make an appointment with one of our Salem counselors for FREE.

Health Services


Phone: 336.917.5591
Location: Clewell Basement

Contact the Health Services Director if you have questions about the following:

  • Immunization records
  • Visits to health services when ill
  • Student health insurance
  • Salem Wellness Initiatives

Office of the Chaplain

Amy Rio

Chaplain, Rev. Dr. Amy Rio

Phone: 336.917.5087
Location: Clewell Small Lobby (Church Street Side near Shober House)

Contact Rev. Rio if you have questions about:

  • Campus ministries
  • Interfaith Council

Financial Aid Office

Director, Lori Lewis

Phone: 336.917.5577
Location: Lehman Hall, 2ndfloor

Contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions about scholarships, loans and grants.

Accounts Receivable

Nikki Brock

Phone: 336.917.5473
Location: Lehman Hall, 1stfloor

Contact Nikki Brock to make tuition payments or to ask questions about tuition payments.

Registrar’s Office

Jeannette Rork, Director

Phone: 336.917.5240
Location: Lehman Hall, 1st floor

Contact the Registrar's Office to register or withdrawal from courses at Salem.