What Should I Pack?

This question is the one that every new Salem student asks! Below you will find a list of helpful items, as well as items that are not permitted. Before you arrive, we suggest that you contact your roommate so you can coordinate who is bringing which items, thus reducing duplication of items and eliminating an overcrowded feeling.

The following items would be helpful to you: The following items are NOT permitted:
  • Alarm clock
  • Linens - including towels, blanket/comforter, extra long twin sheets, pillow case, pillow, mattress pad
  • Cell phone
  • Calling card with 1-800 access for long distance calls (a touch tone phone is provided on each Residence Hall floor)
  • Waste basket
  • Power strips with built-in circuit breakers (regular extension cords are prohibited) 
  • Window fan
  • Small refrigerator (4-6 cubic feet) 
  • Important phone numbers and information - car insurance, health insurance, physician 
  • Medications and prescriptions 
  • Decorative items - pictures, posters (please use only painter’s tape for hanging) 
  • Toiletries and cleaning supplies - shampoo, soap, broom, laundry detergent, etc. 
  • School supplies 
  • Coaxial Cable (for television - cable is provided in all residence hall rooms)
  • Ethernet Cord (for computer)
  • Area rug - all residence hall rooms have tile flooring
  • Hot plates /George Foreman Grills 
  • Appliances with open heating coil 
  • Electric blankets 
  • Regular extension cords 
  • Incense /candles 
  • Pets (except fish) 
  • Microwaves (one is provided for your use in each residence hall) 
  • Air conditioners (except when permission is granted for medical reasons that are documented by a letter from a physician. Please send this documentation to the Office of the Dean of Students prior to arrival on campus. If this documentation is received, you must provide your own air conditioner. It should be 110 volts and no more than 8,000 BTUs.)

What will my room be like?

Your room at Salem College will be furnished with the following items:
  • Two twin beds (Extra-long sheets are necessary)
  • Two chairs
  • A double sided dresser or two chests
  • One sink
  • Two desks
  • A double closet
  • See the Residence Halls page for room dimensions.