Services and Responsibilities

The Public Safety Department offers a full complement of services to the community. Officers are responsible for responding to numerous and various calls for service throughout the year. . Officers provide the following services to the Salem Community:

  • Patrol Response: Officers respond to all calls for service in the order received and priority of the incident. Officers will call upon additional community resources as needed. Any student who is faced with an incident of physical violence needs to immediately call 911 then public safety. Officers conduct proactive patrol to deter crime, identify suspicious persons and vehicles. Students and staff are encouraged to report any person, vehicle, or incident that may be suspicious.
  • Escorts: Officers will provide escorts to any student or staff member. Anyone requesting an escort must call 5555 and advised dispatch where they are located and where they would like to be taken. Students are encouraged to wait in the lobby of a residence hall or building until public safety arrives. Students waiting in vehicles must leave their lights and car on to signal public safety officers. Officers will also provide escorts at any hour for those who have special medical needs. Officers will not transport personal property or other materials.
  • Traffic Enforcement: Officers enforce all institutional parking rules and regulations. Officers will issue a ticket for any violation. If any student feels the ticket was improperly issued they may retrieve a Parking Appeals Form from the web page.
  • Campus Identification Cards: The public safety department issues identification cards to all students and staff. Anyone ho loses and ID, must report the loss to public safety and have another card issued.
  • Incident Investigations: Any student who is the victim of a crime while on campus must report the incident to the Department of Public Safety. Officers will file a report and investigate the incident as needed. In addition, officers will assist any student or staff member in contacting Winston-Salem Police Department or attempting to obtain any required legal documentation.
  • Medical Emergencies: If any student is aware of a medical emergency on campus they need to call Forsyth County Emergency Medical Services at 911 . After EMS has been notified of the incident contact public safety to respond and assist until their arrival. Public safety will respond to all minor medical needs and evaluate the situation. Officers will notify additional resources as needed. Officers will transport certain medical needs to the informatory. Officers also carry a first aid kit to assist with emergencies.
  • Fire and Burglar Alarms: Officer will respond to all fire and burglar alarms at any college owned property. Students who hear a fire alarm must exit the buildings as directed on the emergency evacuation plans. If a burglar alarm is detected students must stay locked in their rooms and call public safety.
  • Educational Programs: Officers will present periodic safety programs on different issues facing the college and academy campuses. Officers will coordinate with community organizations to provide the most current and tested information. Officers are always available upon request to present any public safety program desired by the Salem Community. Please contact the public safety office to request a program.
  • Reporting Statistics: The Public Safety Department abides by all Federal regulations regarding the reporting of crime statistics. This information is available to anyone, and is located on this web page or at the Public Safety Office.
  • Vehicle Assistance: Officers will assist you in contacting a service to unlock or “jump start” vehicles owned by students and their guests.  We will stand by with you until help arrives.