The department of public safety takes a proactive approach in reducing the possibility of criminal activity occurring on campus; however, not all crime can be prevented. When a crime does occur, officers initiate an investigation and file a report. Officers begin working on methods to prevent similar incidents from reoccurring while conducting in-depth follow-up investigations on all assigned cases.

You can take a number of measures to reduce the possibility of danger to yourself and others on campus. Here are some important ones:

Personal Safety Tips

  • Never walk alone after dark on campus! Walk with others or request an escort from public safety by calling ext. 5555. 
  • If you are leaving an entertainment location, work, friends, or home and traveling to Salem, call ahead and let your roommate or friends know when to expect you.
  • Limit bringing items of value to campus and please store all items of value in locked locations. Thefts do occur on campus.
  • Write the serial numbers of all valuable items in a book and store it in a safe, dry, secure location.
  • If you are waiting for an escort by public safety, wait in the lobby of the building or wait in your vehicle with the engine running and lights on. Call public safety from a red phone without leaving your vehicle. If someone approaches simply, drive off and notify public safety.
  • Public safety can be contacted directly by the red emergency phones by pushing the emergency button and talking into the speaker. If unable to speak, the phone will notify officers of the activation and location.
  • If you notice any dark spots on campus at night call maintenance to have additional lights added.
  • If you notice a window that will not lock or a malfunctioning door lock, immediately notify maintenance.
  • When inviting someone on to campus meet him or her at their parking location and walk them across campus. This will ensure they arrive on time and without delay.
  • Never leave your door unlocked, if a burglar alarm is sounded, stay in your room with the door secured. Call public safety and await our arrival.
  • Never give anyone door codes.
  • If you lose your room key or access card, please immediately replace the items at the Public Safety Office.

 Fire Prevention Tips

  • Never cook in your room. It is against Salem Academy & College policy to allow any type of cooking apparatus in a dorm room, including a microwave. We supply a microwave on each floor.
  • Never unplug your fire alarm. This will send an error through the system and cause the alarm to activate. This will also place your safety in jeopardy if a fire does occur.
  • Never use any hair products near or under the sensor. A flat iron, curling iron, hair dryer, hair straighter, and even hairspray will activate the alarm. Please remember the system is very sensitive for your protection.
  • Never play with or empty a fire extinguisher.
  • Never overcook popcorn or place any metal item in the microwave.
  • Never burn incense or candles.