Salem College determines and enforces parking conduct rules and regulations. These regulations are designed to promote safety on and around campus, provide adequate parking for all students, faculty, staff and visitors and address parking needs of the Old Salem residents and visitors, Home Moravian Church and the Salem Congregation.

Salem College parking, traffic and safety regulations are rules of conduct issued and enforced by public safety. Salem’s regulations are separate and apart from any North Carolina State laws or Winston-Salem city ordinances, which are enforced by sate or city law enforcement agencies. If a violation of a Salem regulation also constitutes a violation of a city ordinance or State law, a student may be subject to a fine by Salem in addition to any penalty assessed by the city or state. 

The following parking conduct rules and regulations shall apply to all students, guests and visitors. These parking conduct rules and regulations are in place and enforced 24 hours a day, including breaks, commencement and holidays. Students will be notified of the violation and fine through campus mail, the U.S. Postal Service or by placing the notification on the vehicle.  

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle registration is required within 48 hours upon arrival on campus. Go to the Vehicle Registration page for more details.

Vehicle registration is NOT complete until a sticker is displayed on the rear of the vehicle. (Convertibles may place the sticker on the front lower right of the windshield.) The sticker should be placed on the left side (driver’s side) or the rear bumper or the lower left side of the rear windshield. If any vehicle other than the originally registered vehicle is brought to campus, a temporary parking permit must be obtained within 24 hours to avoid receiving a Failure to Register fine. 

Student vehicle registration fee: $80.00 annually 

Failure to register your vehicle may result in a $25.00 fine every 48 hours until the vehicle is registered.

Bicycle and Motor Scooter Rules and Regulations

Salem College encourages registration of bicycles and scooters. There is no charge for registering. Download/View Registration the Bicycle and Motor Scooter Form.

Bicycles should be placed in a bicycle rack. Racks are located behind Babcock Residence Hall, underneath the back porch of Main Hall and the Fine Arts Center parking lot. They should not be parked on sidewalks or under stairwells. Students riding motor scooters should follow the parking conduct rules and regulations.

Parking for Visitors and Guests of Students

Each student is responsible for the conduct of her guests including parking conduct rules and regulations. If a guest or visitor violates any parking conduct rules or regulations, the student hostess will be fined for the violation committed by the guest or visitor.

Any visitor who wishes to stay overnight or for an extended period (3 days) of time, must register his/her vehicle with the public safety department. They will be issued a temporary parking pass and must follow the parking conduct rules and regulations.

Towing Policy

Salem College has the authority to tow, at the owner’s expense, any vehicle on campus that is in violation of the parking conduct rules and regulations. 

Vehicle Searches

Upon suspicion of violation of College policy or local, state or federal law, Public Safety reserves the right to search vehicles parked on campus property for evidence inside the vehicle. 

Residential Student Parking Conduct Rules and Regulations

The Salem College Fine Arts Center parking lot and “The Pit” parking area, which is located near the tennis courts at the rear of the campus, are the only areas where students are permitted to park while school is in session. Residential students are assigned to the FAC, tennis courts or pit parking. Seniors and Fogle Flats residents are allowed to park in FAC, tennis courts or pit parking while all other residential students are only assigned to tennis courts or pit parking. Students who are not assigned to FAC parking and choose to park in the FAC will be fined. Residential students are not allowed to park in the following areas: 

  1. Fire Lanes - ($50.00 fine): The paved roadway that goes through the center of campus (starting between Single Sisters House and South Residence Hall and traveling past Corrin Refectory) is a fire lane. Any student parking on either side of this roadway is subject to being fined. Any student parking in any fire lane, including the Historic District, is subject to being fined. 
  2. Front Campus/Historical District of Old Salem - ($15.00 fine): Parking is not permitted on front campus by residential students. If a student chooses to park on front campus she will be fined. If a student is parked on front campus on Sunday morning she will receive a parking fine for Parking in Old Salem Historic District on Sunday morning ($50.00 fine). Front campus/Historic District consists of the following streets: Church Street, Blum Street, West Street, Academy Street, Walnut Street, Race Street and Main Street.
  3. Residential Coordinators’ Parking - ($15.00): These areas are located behind Strong Residence Hall across from the physical plant and beside Gramley Residence Hall in clearly marked parking spaces.
  4. Faculty/Staff Parking - ($15.00 fine): These areas are located at Physical Plant, Inspectors House, Bryant Hall, Shober House and all other posted areas. 
  5. Institutional Parking - ($15.00 fine): This area is located behind Corrin Refectory and behind the pool and gymnasium areas.
  6. Handicapped Parking - ($250.00 fine): These areas are very limited; therefore any student needing special permission to use handicap spaces must bring documentation from a doctor or a member of the administration before public safety will temporarily grant permission to use the parking spaces.
  7. Loading Zones and Maintenance Hill - ($15.00 fine): At no time are students allowed to park in these areas.
  8. Health Center/Medical Staff Parking - ($50.00 fine): During the hours of 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, students are prohibited from parking in the Health Services medical parking in front of Lehman Hall.

Off-Campus Students

Fleer and other off-campus students are permitted to park on front campus in the Historic District. However, they are not exempt from parking penalties if they park in restricted areas. They also are subject to North Carolina State Laws and Winston-Salem city ordinances. Fleer and other off-campus students are also permitted to park in the Inspectors House and Shober House lots on weekends and after 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Parking Conduct Fines

All fines must be paid to the Business Office within 21 days. If not paid within the 21-day time period, late fees will be added.

  1. Parking in the Old Salem Historic District - $15.00
  2. Parking in the Old Salem Historic District on Sunday morning - $50.00
  3. Parking in reserved areas - $15.00
  4. Parking in fire lanes - $50.00 
  5. Parking in medical staff parking - $50.00
  6. Operating or parking a vehicle on a pedestrian path, sidewalk or grass - $15.00
  7. Failure to stop or otherwise heed the instruction of a public safety officer - $50.00 (This includes moving cones in order to park.)
  8. Operating a vehicle without responsible regard for safety - $15.00 (This violation includes parking in two or more spaces and/or parking too close to another vehicle preventing the owner from gaining entry into their vehicle.)
  9. Failure to register a vehicle - $25.00
  10. Parking in a handicapped space - $250.00
  11. Sleeping in a vehicle - $50.00 and/or probation. No student may sleep in a vehicle for reasons of personal safety. 

Loading and Unloading 

Students may not park in front of campus buildings except for brief periods of loading or unloading. If it is evident to a public safety officer that the student is unloading (clothes or other belongings inside the car) the officer may permit the student to remain there for what the officer deems is a briefly sufficient amount of time. It will assist the officer to know that a student is loading or unloading if the car’s flashers are on.  

Parking Conduct Appeals

Any student may appeal any parking conduct fine she receives. Each student who files an appeal must do the following, or the appeal is invalid:

  1. The student must submit a Parking Violation Appeals Form.
  2. Appeals must be submitted within 21 days of receipt of the parking conduct fine. Appeals received outside that timeframe will not be accepted.
  3. The appeal is reviewed and voted on by members of the Parking Appeals Committee. Each student is permitted to appeal an appeals decision once. Once the second appeal is returned to the student, if the second appeal is denied, all fines must be paid in the Business Office.

Unpaid Parking Conduct Fines

A hold will be placed on the student’s account if parking conduct fines are not paid in full to the Business Office. 

Parking conduct rules and regulations are subject to change during the academic year.