G. Bernard Yevin

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business

I hold the bachelor of science degree in zoology and psychology and an MBA with an emphasis in marketing and management, both from Eastern Illinois University. My career is built upon a blend of experiences in Industry and higher education. I've spent numerous years in industry, primarily in business-to-business sectors, working in various marketing functions in the industrial manufacturing, industrial chemical, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in marketing research and marketing consulting. I've done marketing research and consulting projects with Best Buy, General Electric, Hysan Chemical, a number of hospitals and health care organizations, and colleges and universities. I've done marketing both domestically and internationally. I’ve worked in higher ed as a professor of marketing for over twenty years and in higher ed administration as director of two MBA programs and dean of the Business and Information Technologies Division at Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where I managed all business administration and information technology education for ten years. I've been fortunate to both consult and work domestically and internationally in marketing in England, Austria, Denmark, Spain, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico, France, Liberia, China, and have been on trade missions to Japan and Indonesia. Two years ago, I was fortunate to have participated in an International Educational Exchange program in Cuba, a country most Americans will never have a chance to visit. I've also been a contributing author to over eighteen marketing, management, and international business textbooks and related projects with major publishers. In the courses I teach, I try to bridge textbook theory to the everyday practice of marketing, management, and global trade while helping students to realize that business practices and market dynamics around the world are diverse even though there are basic commonalities and consistent business practices world-wide.