Anne Sourbeer Morris

Affiliated Assistant Professor of Education
Dr. Anne Sourbeer Morris is a native of Pennsylvania, born and raised in Harrisburg, later moving to the Philadelphia area. She is the Managing Member of A. Morris Consulting, LLC, offering educational and coaching services to individuals, schools, and corporations. Anne retired from the Pennsylvania public school system with service to rural, urban, and suburban school districts in Southeastern, PA, most recently serving as Director of Counseling and Transition Coordinator for the Great Valley School District, Malvern, PA. She was a past-president and served on the Board of Governors of the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association.Upon retirement Dr. Sourbeer Morris served as a consultant for the Chester County Intermediate Unit, Division of Career, Technical, and Customized Education, Downingtown, PA, and for the Chester County Workforce Development Council where she managed a high-priority industry partnership. Anne serves on the Education Foundation Board of the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE) and on the Career Guidance Division of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). She is a National Association of Professional Women 2010-2011 Woman of the Year and the 1990 Pennsylvania Secondary School Counselor of the Year. In 2011, Anne was awarded Life Time Membership in the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association for outstanding service.Dr. Sourbeer Morris is thrilled and honored to be a consultant to and adjunct professor at Salem College, supporting the design and development of a Masters of Education in School Counseling program. School Counseling is among her life’s passions. Career development is another of Dr. Sourbeer Morris’ passions. Dr. Sourbeer Morris’ research interests include school counseling, the career development of women, and girls pursuing nontraditional Programs of Study (POS). Her dissertation is titled: Exploring Career and Technical Educators’ Attitudes: The Participation of Girls in Nontraditional Programs of Study.Dr. Sourbeer Morris’ current project Unexpected Pathways, will commence with a research survey in September 2012, targeting 100,000 women. Ultimately, Dr. Sourbeer Morris will tell the stories of a diverse, multi-generational group of dynamic women, in an initial series of three volumes to include women in STEM careers, nontraditional careers, and women entrepreneurs. The women of Salem College are cordially invited to participate in the research.Dr. Sourbeer Morris has two daughters and two grandchildren living in the Winston-Salem area. In her free time, she enjoys playing golf, gardening, writing, and participating in the lives of her children and grandchildren. Her advice for students is embedded in a favorite quote from the Sanskrit – Look to This DayFor it is life, the very life of life.In its brief courseLie all the verities and realities of your existence.The bliss of growth,The glory of action,The splendor of achievementAre but experiences of time.For yesterday is but a dreamAnd tomorrow is only a vision;And today well-lived, makesYesterday a dream of happinessAnd every tomorrow a vision of hope.Look well therefore to this day;Such is the salutation to the ever-new dawn!