Historic Preservation

A certificate in historic preservation is offered for students who are interested in the stewardship and future of historic buildings and structures. Students will develop skills in analysis and critical thinking as they investigate ways in which preservation affects communities.

Classical Studies

As a school steeped in the liberal arts, Salem College has a penchant for classical languages, and as such we are commited to the study of the ancient Greek and Latin languages and of the literature written in those languages.


Sport Management

The sport managment minor prepares students for the ethical and moral dilemmas facing sport managers and the sport industry as a whole. The program tackles all aspects of sport management including management in the professional sport franchise; intercollegiate athletics, sport marketing and promotions; athlete representation; sport law; facilities management; the health club, spa, resort industry; and sport tourism. 





Courses in marketing are offered as part of the Business Administration Program. Although there is no major in marketing, it may be chosen as either a minor or a concentration area within the business administration major.


International Trade

International trade is one of the concentrations offered withing the business administration major. Courses include:

MKTG 234. International Marketing (3 hrs)

FINC 310. International Finance (3 hrs)

Plus one of the following:

POLI 110. International Relations (3 hrs)
ECON 210. Intermediate Macroeconomics (3 hrs) 

Health Care Management

Business Administration Major with Concentration in Health Care Management

The major in business administration offers concentrations (3 courses each) in the following areas: accounting, business entrepreneurship, economics, finance, health care management, international trade, marketing, and sport management.

A student intending to major in business administration should meet with her advisor early and regularly to discuss a suggested program of study in order to remain on track for graduation within four years. 



Courses in finance are offered as part of the Business Administration Program. Although there is no major or minor in finance, finance may be chosen as a concentration area within the business administration major.

Business Entrepreneurship

The minor in business entrepreneurship provides non-business majors with the background needed to nurture an innovative product or service idea and grow it into a new business opportunity. The minor will also help non-business majors who envision being self-employed in their own small businesses which grow out of their passions for arts and science.


Visual Literature

Visual Literature Minor

The minor involves courses from four different areas: art history, design, English, and studio art.




Visual Arts Entrepreneurship

The minor in visual arts entrepreneurship is intended for students pursuing a BA in art history or studio art. A student may not minor in both arts entrepreneurship and arts management nor may she major in arts management and minor in visual arts entrepreneurship. 



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