Karola Luttringhaus

Adjunct Professor of Dance
Dance Studio



Merging American experiences with her European roots, Karola Lüttringhaus creates interdisciplinary works in dance theatre, installation, scenic-, sound- and costume design. Her dance theatre work is marked by a unique visceral and kinetic voice that traces the changeable electricity of thought and sensation that underlies human interaction and interpersonal relationships. Her process is characterized by a simultaneously analytical and intuitive approach, manifesting itself as complex nestings of parallel “stories” that all interrelate to one another and merge into multi-sensory experiences, often with shifting perspectives for the viewer. Her artistic research is driven by a desire to refine the channels that we use and describe as creativity in order to reflect on our lives. Lüttringhaus's work negotiates the pureness of the human existence, flesh, and psyche, and the understanding of normalcy as a social construct. Many works seek to ignite conversation about social and cultural points of friction while pursuing ideals of an open-minded and tolerant society.  

Lüttringhaus was born and grew up in Berlin, Germany, where she lived until the age of twenty-three before moving to the US to attend the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA). She received a BFA in choreography and modern dance in 1998 from UNCSA and an MA/MFA in scenic design and scenography from the Teschnische Universität Berlin in 2013. She is a recipient of the North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship in Choreography ('06) and a Verein Deutscher Ingenieure award for outstanding achievements in scene design ('14).

Lüttringhaus currently leads a semi-nomadic life, splitting her time between the US and Berlin, while working wherever opportunities take her.

She is a freelance designer, choreographer, and educator at theatres and universities across Europe and the US. Since 1999 she has been the artistic and executive director of ALBAN ELVED DANCE COMPANY and founded a number of organizations and regular events including the SARUS Festival for Site-specific & Experimental Art, the MoRe (Movement Research) Summer School and FestivalDynamic Body Massage Therapy and Movement Center, and the Dynamic Body Educational Series.

She currently teaches courses entitled the Body's Intrinsic Intelligence and Dynamic Bodywork in the movement science major of the Dance Department at Salem College. She also offers those approaches as continuing education workshops for massage therapists and as regular workshops for movement enthusiasts of all backgrounds.

Lüttringhaus' research in somatics and dance focuses on studying the human body in motion, primarily with the Axis Syllabus based on biomechanical, anatomical, and physical principles, and through her work as a massage therapist. To find out more, visit: www.karolaluettringhaus.com

  • MA, MFA, Technische Universität; BFA, University of North Carolina School of the Arts
Personal Interests:
Arts, crafts, animals, Axis Syllabus, travel, shoemaking, clothesmaking