Two Salem College students attended the Interfaith Leadership Institute in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by the Interfaith Youth Core.

Salem students enrolled in specialized courses, completed internships and independent studies, and studied abroad during Jan Term 2014.

A collection of music recordings and equipment was recently donated to Salem College by the late Dr. John Hammack's family. This gift quadruples the current number of recordings available in Salem's music library.

Salem College students compete in the 2014 NCICU Ethics Bowl in Raleigh, NC.

The Salem Spirits basketball team finishes a record season 19-4 and will play in the Great South Tournament as the number one seed.

Miracle Thomas has been selected to perform at a master class for the North Carolina National Association of Teachers of Singing competitions.

Dr. John Hutton, associate professor of Art has been invited to attend a seminar with the Council of Independent Colleges in Chicago later this year.