2022-2023 Orientation a Soaring Success for Salem College

2022-2023 Orientation a Soaring Success for Salem College

August 16, 2022
students taking a campus tour

WINSTON-SALEM, NC (AUGUST 16, 2022)—Kicking-off the 2022-2023 school year, 100 students from 15 different states joined a distinguished panel of Salem College administrators, educators and resource officers for in-depth orientation sessions.  With both in-person and virtual engagement, students from the class of 2026 were treated to a comprehensive overview of the school, its history, its academic advantages and opportunities for engaging with the community.

This year’s orientation events mark a historical shift in the way that students are onboarded to the Salem experience.  Previously, orientation was held three days directly before the first day of classes.  However, by offering summer orientation for the first time in Salem’s history, the school has been able to more fully prepare students and parents with vital background and logistical information before their arrival on campus, helping to ensure they are ready to “hit the ground running” when school begins on Monday, August 22, 2022.

This new approach means that the fall orientation, held once students are physically at school, can be focused on fun, engaging activities that allow the new students to learn about themselves and strategically plan for their success at Salem.  The fall orientation will focus on goal setting, vision exercises for career planning and mapping a roadmap for long-term success.

“Summer orientation was an amazing experience, both for the students and families and for us as an institution. It was wonderful to get to meet our incoming class of 2026 face -to-face and to be able to assist them with their journey,” said Salem College Dean of Students Victoria Burgos. “Since summer orientation represents part one of the journey to Salem and fall orientation comprises part two, Salem’s incoming class of 2026 will be very prepared to have a great start to the year and to their academic careers at Salem!”

Of the 116 students enrolled in the class of 2026, 100 were able to participate in-person. Students who were unable to join on campus could attend virtually and were provided comprehensive follow-up materials to ensure their readiness for the fall.

“I am so excited to be a Salem student this fall. Orientation Day was a lot of fun—I got to meet new friends and see the campus in a whole new way,” first-year student Gracie Beasley said.  Her mother, Frances Beasley, is a Salem College alumna. “I’m really proud to carry on my family’s legacy at Salem and looking forward to a great year and even greater experience!”

Latasha Williamson, parent of incoming freshman, Nahfy Gwinn, commented, “I was so impressed with Nahfy’s orientation because it exemplified what is special about Salem, the personal connection with each student. She will receive the benefits of a liberal arts education at a school that is genuinely invested in listening to her, evolving to meet her needs and interests and offer a true community and family-like environment that will, undoubtedly, help her thrive.”

With the success of newly minted summer orientation, the class of 2026 is ready to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and truly soar at Salem College. 

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