Now is Our Time

September 1, 2020

Dear Salem Community,

Salem’s history has been distinguished, not by those taking the easiest path, but by those who made wise decisions at difficult moments and then supported their principles with their time, talent, and philanthropy.

Imagine the tests of character and perseverance faced by our beloved Salem through the American Revolution, the Civil War, and two world wars with a pandemic and Great Depression in between!

Yet, through those fearsome obstacles, and the cultural and financial challenges that have followed, those who love Salem have responded powerfully and consistently in support of this special place. We write today to say that now is our time to help Salem!

To ensure we remain “Salem Strong,” our faculty, staff, and trustees have been engaged in innovative planning for both the Academy and the College, as you learned this spring. Health leadership will be an exciting, relevant new academic focus for the College; and refreshing the Academy’s college preparation will further enhance its reputation as a premier independent high school for girls. Salem is positioning its students to be successful leaders in the 21st century—and never have they been more needed by our world.

Now, we face another crucial test of the institution’s sustainability, caused by a pandemic that we could not have imagined. The COVID-19 crisis has left no educational institutions unscathed, as you read in President Henking’s recent letter: or

Since her letter, she and other Salem leaders made the difficult decision to move to online-only instruction for the fall semester, putting student safety first.

To address the cash flow pressure caused by the coronavirus crisis (residential fees are a big part of enrollment revenue), we ask you to join us in making your gift to the Academy and College Funds now, rather than waiting until calendar- or fiscal year-end. We know that these are challenging financial times, but if you are able to, please consider supporting Salem with your gift.

Those who came before us helped Salem successfully through many difficult times. Now is our time to be Salem’s greatest champions and strongest advocates.

Please click the video link to hear from us personally about our request. Thank you for your devotion to Salem and your serious consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Kris Porazzi Sorrells C’96

Acting Head of School and Mathematics Instructor, Salem Academy


Lossie Freeman C’97

Trustee, Salem Academy and College


Shari White Dallas C’83

Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Salem College

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