Message from the President: Election Day

Message from the President: Election Day

November 3, 2020

Dear Colleagues and Friends

I know I already wrote urging those who can to vote - and asking all of us to remember that civility is one of our highest values. I write this morning to remind us that this semester - this year - has been hard for all of us. We have faced a pandemic, economic challenges, racial injustice and more. We have each faced losses - of athletic seasons, of traditional family and friend gatherings, and unnamed losses each of us holds in our hearts because we see our own as minimal compared to those around us. We have each experienced victories as well - a well written paper well received, a game joyously played, a meeting or class filled with the best of conversation, an errand completed or a disagreement resolved. We have agreed and disagreed - and know it is the ways that these come together in critical thinking, thoughtful listening and decisive action that strengthens our community.

Today, I ask that we each pause for just a moment, and remember the value of this, our community, and support those around us through word and action.

This Election Day, as has been true for many in US history, reminds us of the flaws and the aspirations of our world. It reminds us of the losses and the victories of this (dare I say it?) unprecedented time.

Let us each step forward in civility and community knowing that like yesterday and tomorrow what we do together - the work and the joy of educating ourselves and each other - is crucial to making a better world.

Susan Henking