Salem Art History Professor Participating in White House Easter Egg Roll

Salem Art History Professor Participating in White House Easter Egg Roll

March 29, 2018
John Hutton Easter Egg Roll Cover

“There could not be a more perfect spot in Washington, D.C., to enjoy the time-honored Easter Egg Roll tradition than the rolling lawns of the president’s backyard.”

That’s how the product description for the new White House Easter Egg Roll book begins. And as chance would have it, the man who illustrated the book, John Hutton, Salem College professor of art history and the creator of Sister Maus, Salem’s beloved unofficial mascot, will have a front row seat on the lawn of the White House.

“We’re thrilled to have John Hutton involved in this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll,” White House Historical Association spokesperson Lucy Crowley said. “Mr. Hutton will be set up on the White House lawn on Monday with an easel and drawing supplies illustrating the events and activities of the egg roll in real time.”

Additionally, Hutton’s illustrations from the book will also be featured at the egg roll. Several of his original drawings have been enlarged to create the official coloring station where kids will color in the historical egg roll scenes.

“From what they tell me they are blowing up all the pictures in my book to make a wall—about 60 feet long—and then they are going to have the kids color it in,” Hutton said. “I’ll be drawing pictures of presidents, Easter Bunnies, the White House itself, nearby all day.”

 The White House Easter Egg Roll: A History for All Ages has more than seventy newly commissioned whimsical illustrations that bring the event to life. This new history of the White House Easter Egg Roll reveals how each administration from Rutherford B. Hayes through Donald J. Trump has staged the annual event.

The White House Easter Egg Roll officially dates back to 1878, according to the White House website, but first-hand accounts suggest that informal festivities began with egg-rolling parties under President Abraham Lincoln.

This year’s 140th White House Easter Egg Roll will be hosted by First Lady Melania Trump on April 2, 2018, and it will be live streamed here, and C-SPAN will be featuring the book on Easter Monday, as well.