Salem Academy and College to be in National Spotlight

Salem Academy and College to be in National Spotlight

February 16, 2018
C-SPAN American History TV

C-SPAN to showcase Salem Academy and College history and highlights during weeklong visit to Winston-Salem

After discovering that Winston-Salem is home to the oldest educational institution for girls and women in the nation, C-SPAN’s American History TV producers knew they couldn’t leave the city without capturing the story of Salem’s Single Sisters.

The segment will air throughout C-SPAN’s special Winston-Salem weekend, March 17-18.

The Honorable Mayor Allen Joines and Spectrum officials will welcome C-SPAN to Winston-Salem at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 20  in City Council Chambers at Winston-Salem City Hall as C-SPAN kicks off a visit to record the history and non-fiction literary life of the city on the cable network’s non-fiction book channel BookTV (on C-SPAN2, Spectrum channel 226) and history channel American History TV (on C-SPAN3, Spectrum channel 227).

In conjunction with its Spectrum cable partner, C-SPAN producers will reveal the stories and segments that will be explored by the national network.  During their time in Winston-Salem, C-SPAN producers will visit various literary and historic sites, interview local historians, non-fiction authors, including Salem College’s own Spring Duvall, and conduct educational and community outreach in the area.

Currently, interviews involving Salem faculty and staff include Michelle Hopkins Lawrence, Salem Academy and College History Committee Co-Chair, who will tell the tale of the Single Sisters, and Communications Department Chair Spring Duvall, who will discuss her book, Snatched: Child Abductions in the U.S. Media.


C-SPAN’s 2018 Cities Tour takes Book TV and American History TV on the road. BookTV (on C-SPAN2) and American History TV (on C-SPAN3) are featuring the literary life and history of each of these selected cities during special weekends on the public affairs network.


The programs C-SPAN produces in Winston-Salem will air throughout a special Winston-Salem feature weekend March 17-18–literary programming on Book TV (on C-SPAN2, Spectrum channel 226) and history programming on American History TV (on C-SPAN3, Spectrum channel 227).  C-SPAN is available in Winston-Salem on Spectrum channels 6, 37, and 225.

For information, visit the C-SPAN Cities Tour website and follow the program on Twitter @CSPANCities.