Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees Sallie Craig Huber

Message from the Chair of the Board of Trustees Sallie Craig Huber

February 6, 2018
Salem Seal

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The Board of Trustees of Salem Academy and College has met several times to begin planning for the next steps in the short term transition process leading up to Dr. Sterritt’s departure that was announced on January 26. As announced, she will leave at the end of this academic year and the Board has decided to select an Interim President for the coming year. We expect the interim leadership will provide an important opportunity to maintain the all-important ongoing business of the institution while also setting Salem on a solid path for implementation of the current strategic visioning process which is expected to be completed this summer. These actions should prepare Salem to welcome a new permanent president sometime in academic year 2019-2020, well in advance of the celebration of the institution’s 250th anniversary.

We will share regular updates on the transition process as it evolves. Please be assured of our firm commitment to support the entire Salem community as we move through the coming months during which we expect to celebrate the achievements of Dr. Sterritt’s tenure with us and begin planning for a bright future for this institution we all serve and love.

As always, please know of the board’s esteem and sincere gratitude for everything that each of you does every day for Salem and for your understanding as we drive the transition process with your input and support.



Sallie Craig Huber, Chair

On behalf of the Board of Trustees