Message from the Board of Trustees Sallie Craig Huber

Message from the Board of Trustees Sallie Craig Huber

February 27, 2018
Salem Seal

Dear members of the Salem community,

A short-term Transition Team composed of Salem faculty, staff, and trustees has been appointed by Sallie Craig Huber, Chair, and Dara Folan, Chair-Elect, in consultation with Dr. Sterritt, to guide the Salem community through the coming months, at least through the balance of this academic year. This Team held its first meeting Wednesday, February 21, 2018, on the Salem campus.

The vitally important tasks of the Transition Team will be to:

  • identify and welcome an Interim President,
  • welcome and orient the new Academy Head of School,
  • plan a farewell and thank you to Dr. Sterritt, and
  • ensure that several ongoing initiatives, especially the Strategic Planning process, continue apace.

In addition, an overarching task will be to ensure regular and open communications about the work of this Team.

The Team is composed of:

  • Shannon Alford, Assistant Dean of Students at the College
  • Julia Archer, Board of Trustees
  • Liz Baird, Board of Trustees
  • Diana Blanchard, Director of Board Relations
  • DeAnne Brooks, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at the College
  • Marianne DeCristo, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations at the Academy
  • Ellen Drew, Board of Trustees
  • Dara Folan, Board of Trustees, Chair-Elect
  • Alyson Francisco, Mary Ardrey Stough Kimbrough Professor of Business and Economics at the College
  • Robin Howell, Board of Trustees
  • Sallie Craig Huber, Board of Trustees, Chair
  • Ed Jones, Director of Communications
  • Stratford Kiger, Board of Trustees, President, Salem College Alumnae Association
  • Martha Manning, Board of Trustees, President, Salem Academy Alumnae Association
  • Michelle Lawrence, History Teacher at the Academy
  • Camille McDowell, Board of Trustees
  • Lauren Rogers, Dean of Students at the Academy
  • Patrice Mitchell, Board of Trustees
  • Susan Smith, Board of Trustees
  • Jenny Stokes, Director of College Alumnae Relations
  • Rosemary Wheeler, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Danielle Williams, Board of Trustees
  • Elroi Windsor, Chair of Sociology and Criminal Studies; Assistant Professor of Sociology at the College

The Board of Trustees, in concert with this Transition Team, will work hard to ensure continuity of all ongoing initiatives while also planning for a smooth handover between President Sterritt and the to-be appointed Interim President.

A web page has been created to share updates on the presidential transition: Any questions regarding the work of the Transition Team should be sent to


Sallie Craig Huber, Chair
Dara Folan, Chair-Elect