Salem Joins Local Colleges to Support Alumnae and Student Startups

Salem Joins Local Colleges to Support Alumnae and Student Startups

May 4, 2017
entrepreneurship panel at venture cafe
In an unprecedented and historic demonstration of solidarity, Salem College joined with five Winston-Salem-based colleges and universities on the Inmar stage in support of the entrepreneurial efforts of their students and alumni. The announcement took place during the inaugural meeting of Venture Café on May 4.

“Innovation and entrepreneurship for Salem Academy and College did not start last year or in recent years,” President D. E. Lorraine Sterritt said. “It started in 1772.The idea of educating women was indeed an innovation in itself. So the notion of innovation and entrepreneurship speaks to us because of our history, but also because of our present and our future. Within the business major, we have an entrepreneurship concentration, which is a wonderfully vibrant program that seeks to provide the very best opportunities for students who have business ability, intelligence, and the sheer creativity to change the world in new and different ways. The launch of Venture Café will further these opportunities immeasurably for our students.”

Each of the six Winston-Salem-based universities and colleges is pledging to incentivize entrepreneurship among their students and alumni through a series of programs based on their areas of focus and unique visions.

The grants range from $25,000 – $100,000 per year for three years and will be offered to students or alumni of their particular school. Each school’s grant criteria, structure, and focus will be unique to the vision/passion each school leader has for the grant.

Attending the event were:

  • Inmar Chairman and CEO David Mounts, who currently serves as the co-chair of the entrepreneurial committee for the Winston-Salem Alliance
  • Forsyth Technical Community College President Dr. Gary M. Green
  • Piedmont International University, President Dr. Charles Petitt
  • Salem College President D. E. Lorraine Sterritt
  • University of North Carolina School of the Arts Chancellor Lindsay Bierman
  • Wake Forest University Executive Director of Wake Forest’s Center for Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship, Polly Black
  • Winston-Salem State University Chancellor Elwood L. Robinson