November 10, 2016

Statement from the President Regarding the Presidential Election

Salem Seal

Dear members of the Salem community:

This week, a long, hard-fought presidential campaign drew to an end. As is the case with any campus in this country, some members of the Salem community were pleased with the results of the election, while others were upset.

Our nation’s founders established a system that provides for the peaceful transfer of power.

At a time when our nation is divided, it is especially important that we recognize that there will be different points of view within our own community. We have an opportunity to engage in civil discourse, to respect the right of all people to form their own opinions, and to encourage the free exchange of ideas. These are the fundamentals of a community such as ours that embraces diversity and inclusiveness.

These values are in keeping with the highest ideals of our beloved community.

Yours ever,

Lorraine Sterritt



D. E. Lorraine Sterritt, PhD