Salem College Dance Collaborates on Dance Movement Project

Salem College Dance Collaborates on Dance Movement Project

September 15, 2015
dancer falling to the ground

The department of dance studies at Salem College is assisting in organizing an ongoing Movement Research project (MoRe) that explores how science and art intersect through the lens of dance. MoRe strives to bring together a broad community to learn about the workings of the human body and to help individuals achieve greater freedom of movement.

"Salem College is motivated to explore how the arts and sciences intersect,” says Heidi Echols, chair and associate professor of dance studies. “The department of dance studies is thrilled to collaborate with local artists and educators, whose interests also explore how we can all have meaningful and efficient lives with experiences that promote longevity."

Karola Luttringhaus of Alban Elved Dance Company and Christina Soriano, associate professor of dance at Wake Forest University, are working with Echols to bring MoRe to life. 

This fall, MoRe will begin hosting open meetings that are platforms to become involved in the project, and opportunities to discuss all things related to human movement. Each meeting features a group of speakers and encourages audience discussion. Members of the Salem community, along with the general public, are welcome to attend a free meeting.

An initial MoRe meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 21, 2015, at 7:00 pm in the Salem College Dance Studio in Bryant Hall. For more information, please contact Heidi Echols at