Naming of the new Tennis Center at Salem Academy and College

Naming of the new Tennis Center at Salem Academy and College

May 21, 2015
photo of Bert Lain in one of his many hats

In a letter to the Salem Academy and College community on May 21, 2015, Board of Trustees Chair Stephen G. Jennings shared the news that the new Tennis Center will be named for Norbert F. "Bert" Lain:

Dear friends,

I am delighted to announce that an anonymous donor has provided the naming gift, in honor of a third party, for a new Tennis Center at Salem Academy and College.

The donor wishes to name the Tennis Center for Norbert F. "Bert" Lain in recognition of his lifelong support of women's education, including the education that takes place on athletic courts and fields. Mr. Lain, the spouse of President D. E. Lorraine Sterritt, has always recognized and appreciated the fact that coaches are teachers.

Construction of the Bert Lain Tennis Center provides a much-needed facility for both our Academy and our College students. It is also of critical importance in light of our recent acceptance into the USA South Athletic Conference.

Please join me in extending our heartfelt thanks for this extraordinary act of generosity on the anonymous donor's part and for the gifts of others who have contributed so generously to this initiative.


Stephen G. Jennings, PhD
Chair of the Board of Trustees
Salem Academy and College