Salem College Dance Company Attends ACDFA Mid-Atlantic Conference

Salem College Dance Company Attends ACDFA Mid-Atlantic Conference

March 14, 2014
Salem College Dance Company at the Mid-Atlantic Conference

The Salem College Dance Company attended the 2014 American College Dance Festival Association Mid-Atlantic Conference, hosted by George Mason University. The conference invited dance pupils from surrounding states to perform and participate in panel discussions, lectures, and hands-on classes.

Students and two members of our faculty attended the four-day conference and had the opportunity to network with other dance pupils and dance professionals. Sarah Turner, a sophomore at Salem College, who was inspired by her time at the conference, said  “This trip made me step outside of my comfort zone and it has given me a new appreciation for the capability of the human body in motion. After this conference, I understand how learning multiple genres can make me more knowledgeable as a dancer. The conference gave me ideas for my own work.”

Associate Professor of Dance, Heidi Echols, and Adjunct Professor of Dance, Shawn Boman-Hicks, taught a class at the conference on continuous modern movement. Echols said that Sophomore Calleah Solomon performed at ACDFA and received “glowing feedback from three dance professionals”. Seniors Victoria Reid and Taylor Edwards were also selected to perform in front of their peers. “The opportunity to perform in front of other institutions was empowering and stimulating for my future endeavors,” said Reid.

The Salem College Dance Company will refer to their experiences at ACDFA as they prepare for their Spring Student Performance, to be held at Salem the first weekend in May in the Drama Workshop.