January Term Trips Offer Global Learning Experiences

January Term Trips Offer Global Learning Experiences

January 3, 2013

This January Term, Salem students will have the opportunity to embark on one of three amazing educational journeys, to New York City; Milan, Italy; or Seville, Spain. 

A group of 24 students, along with Salem Spanish professors Dr. Ana León-Távora and Dr. Ho Sang Yoon, will travel to Seville in Southern Spain for an immersive Spanish language and culture program. They will stay in the homes of native families, learning first-hand about life in the historic Spanish city. During the day,  some students will study Spanish grammar at Instituto San Fernando while more advanced Spanish speakers will study Spanish literature and culture in a class taught at Universidad de Sevilla by Dr. León-Távora, a native of Seville. 

Students will also get the opportunity to explore the region through field trips to Cordoba, Cádiz and Madrid and the ruins of Italica. 

“Seville is one of the oldest and most historic cities in Europe, full of a rich architecture that dates from the Roman epoch up to contemporary times,” says Dr. León-Távora. “I know the students will love its vibrant lifestyle, its artistic environment and its lively people.”

Elsewhere in Europe, a group of Salem students, along with business professor Dr. Eve Rapp and economics professor Dr. Megan Silbert, will get an inside look at Italy's fashion industry during "The Economics and Marketing of National Culture: An Study of Italy's Fashion Industry" Jan Term trip to Milan, Italy. 

During the trip, students will take classes at Bocconi University, studying the business and marketing practices of some of the top companies in Italy's fashion industry. They will also get an opportunity to learn about Italian history and culture through tours of Milan, Venice and Cremora. 

In New York City, students will study the performing arts on the “Snapshots of American Creativity 1935-1945” trip. Iconic venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Guggenheim Museum, Radio City Music Hall, the Museum of Modern Art and the Lincoln Center, among others, will serve as classrooms for this week-long study of American fine arts with Salem dance professor Heidi Echols and music professor Dr. Thomas Swenson. 

Students will explore the legacy of iconic people and places—such as George Gershwin, Martha Graham, Harlem and Broadway—and how they defined America through the performing arts. They will also get a chance to see some of today’s top performers in the Broadway musical, “Nice Work If You Can Get It.”

Each year, January Term gives Salem students the opportunity to investigate new areas of study; refine their independent learning skills; integrate their theoretical knowledge with practical experience; explore career options; and pursue their research interests. Students are given the option to work at an internship, take one of several special Jan Term classes on campus or participate in an educational trip.