Students Break from the Norm during January Term

Students Break from the Norm during January Term

January 4, 2012

Each year, students at Salem College participate in January Term, a three-week period between fall and spring semesters during which they can pursue special classes, internships, independent studies and educational travel. This year, our students are enjoying a wealth of unique experiences, from thought-provoking classes to unforgettable journeys abroad.

Students participating in the January Term travel program will embark on one of two trips—Exploring the Arts in London and Paris with professors Heidi Echols and Thomas Swenson or Spanish Immersion in Merida, Mexico, with professor Ho Sang Yoon. These trips will allow them to explore the rich history and vibrant culture of these countries.

On campus, students have a wide assortment of special classes to choose from, including, creative writing—contemporary magical realism, Japanese Manga, green design, death and dying in America, race and crime, black women’s mobility and Jane Austen on the page and screen. In addition to classes, the office of student activities will offer events during the evenings and weekends to help promote the emotional, social and physical wellness of Salem traditional students. Activities include laser tag, ice skating, a women in nature outing to Tanglewood Park, craft nights and shuttles to local restaurants for dine out nights.

Through January Term courses, internships, trips and activities, students are able to expand their educational horizons beyond the traditional classroom setting. 

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