Salem Email

New email accounts - all new students are automatically assigned email accounts. Go to the MySalem page to login and change your default password using the “change password” link near the top right corner (next to “sign out”)

Forgotten login/passwords - you can retrieve you account information by going to the Salem Login Lookup page. (available within the campus network only).

SIS accounts - all students can access schedules and check grades using the Salem Information System. Login to the Student Intranet to use this service.

Problems with email - use our Helpdesk application (or by emailing helpdesk-at-salem-dot-edu) to submit the problem and a member of the computing services support team will get back to you as soon as possible.

What you open or download could harm you or your PC! Beware of Spam, Spyware, Phishing, and other threats.

Establishing Your Network Conection

Hardware Requirements


  • Ethernet card
  • Ethernet cable (at least 10’)


  • Wireless Ethernet card which supports wireless 802.11a/b/g/n.

Software Requirements:

Antivirus - PC or laptop must have antivirus software with a current subscription (paid or free to keep virus signatures up-to-date).



Having A Problem?

For all other technical support questions/requests - please enter a call in the Help Desk or call our HELP line if on campus: H-E-L-P (4357).

Notice - Salem is responsible for providing a functional data port or WiFi access in the dorm rooms and will assist students with connecting to the network providing they have a functional computer, network card and appropriate software. We do not support or repair student owned computers, printers, or personal software but will assist in determining the nature of a problem as time permits, and provide contact information for a repair technician who will pick up and repair student computers at student discounted fee.