Welcome to the Information Technology Resource Center.

 These pages are designed to assist you with Technical problems, alert you of network or Internet issues, and offer tips and tricks to stay safe online and resolve PC problems. Use the links on the left to go to the various topic areas 

These pages are under development so please check back for updates! 

Spam Discussion and Examples - Spam is one of the most prominent nuisances on the Internet today. Go here for tips on combating this and see examples of common spam Emails.

Software / Downloads - There are numerous Open Source and other free software packages available for use at SourceForge.net

Anti-Virus - This is one of the most important software applications to have on your PC today. Check this page for information on various anti-virus programs.

WiFi Problems - Sometimes our student will have problems connecting or staying connected to our WiFi network. If you have a problem, here are some of the more common solutions:

  • Ensure that your wireless card drivers are up-to-date
  • Ensure that SalemCollege is at the top of your wireless networks list and connect automatically is checked
  • Reduce the “roaming aggressiveness” of your wireless card (it’s in the wireless adapter settings. We can help with this if you don’t know how to check it.
  • Ensure that you only have one anti-virus program actively running on your PC.
  • Ensure that your anti-malware, anti-virus, or other security software is not actively blocking your attempts to connect to the internet. They are used to residential connections where there is only one wireless router, not multiple wireless access points to conntect to, and my try to disable use of our network.

Trouble Reporting - To report network problems, issues with lab PCs, or other computing-related issues:

Via the web: Salem IT Help Desk

Via Email: helpdesk@salem.edu

Via phone dial: HELP (4357)