Fine Arts Center Videoconference Center

The Videoconference Center provides the equipment necessary to conduct a videoconference as well as record presentations and serve as a multimedia classroom. It is equipped with 2 cameras, microphones, an LCD projector, computer, document camera, 2 VCRs (recording and playback), and a Smartboard. 25 laptops with Internet access are also available for classroom use. This room is scheduled through the Registrar’s office.

Multimedia Classrooms

Several classrooms are equipped with a computer with DVD, LCD projector, VCR and document camera. They are located in MH 201, 206, 212, 214, 303, 304, 312, 314, Old Chapel 220, Science 1, 102, 107, 207, 301, 311, Single Sisters 112, 113, and FAC 28, 91, 304. The rooms are reserved through the Registrar’s office.

Computer Labs

Access to the labs is on a 24-hour basis with the exception of holidays. Entry to the rooms is by a numerical security code on the door. The code is changed each year, and is available from the Registrar’s Office or the Continuing Studies office. Student User Guides are available in each lab. Please refer to them for additional information and help sheets.

Enrolled students are given 600 pages of free printing August - May. Students enrolled in summer school are given 120 pages of free printing May - August. Students are billed .05 for extra pages at the end of the spring and summer semesters or upon withdrawal. Color printing is available for 30 cents per page.

All students also have access to a network folder with 100 MB of disk space. This folder, available from anywhere on campus, should be used to store documents since lab computer hard drives are wiped clean when restarted.

Gramley Library Reading Room 

Sixteen PCs are available in the Main Reading room for research and Internet access.

Wireless Access

To access Salem’s wireless network, go to the Current Student Intranet to get the SSID (Network Name). The network that students and faculty should use is SalemCollege. It is encrypted and requires a password to join (it will be given to you at orientation). It is more a more secure network for your protection. The other network is CollegeGuest. It is an open, unencrypted network and requires no password. It should be used for visitors and guests of the College. WiFi is available over most of the campus.

Fogle Flats’ and McHugh Sisters’ Wireless 

Fogle Flats and McHugh Sisters apartments use wireless connections for network access. It uses the same network IDs as the College campus.

Loaner Equipment

Two laptops and projectors are available for students, faculty and staff to use for Powerpoint presentations. They must be reserved with the Director of Information Technology, and picked up and returned to Public Safety. It is an honor code offense to borrow the equipment without first reserving it or not returning it when promised.

There are 6 laptops available for use in Gramley library with wireless connections to the online catalog and Internet. You must provide a Salem ID or driver’s license to check out a laptop.

Gramley Library has 2 laptops that may be checked out by faculty and staff members and 2 laptops that may be checked out by students for use outside the library. Contact Dr. Rose Simon (917-5421).