​Salem Ac​ademy and College Computer Lab Acceptable Use Policy


Salem Academy and College (“Salem”) recognizes the value of computers, networks, email, the Internet, and other electronic resources (collectively, “Electronic Resources”) to improve1 student learning and to enhance the administration and operation of its schools. In support of the mission and goals of the institution, Salem requires the responsible use of Electronic Resources and implements this policy for the purpose of establishing general guidelines for students, employees, and guests regarding the acceptable use of Electronic Resources owned, leased, operated, or maintained by Salem. This policy supplements and is to be reviewed in conjunction with Salem’s Acceptable Usage of Electronic Resources policy.


This acceptable use policy (AUP) pertains to Computer Labs and is intended to supplement the general, Electronic Resource AUP. It is the view of the Information Technology Department and the Information Technology Advisory Council that the following rules and guidelines promote the good of the student computing community, and are in the spirit of the Salem community. To this end, Salem makes the following assertions:

  • Computer labs at Salem are Salem Electronic Resources and are made available only to students, faculty, and staff. Further, access to these Electronic Resources is wholly at the discretion of Salem.
  • Using the labs is a privilege.


Faculty and Staff Responsibilities

  • Faculty and staff members who supervise students, control electronic equipment, or otherwise have occasion to observe student use of said equipment shall make reasonable efforts to monitor the use of this equipment to assure that it conforms to the mission and goals of Salem.

User R​​esponsibilities

  • Abide by the general Salem Academy and College Acceptable Use Policy
  • Take reasonable measures to protect your account information, lab combinations, and any other information related to access to Salem data resources
  • Use best practices for securing your computer accounts:
    • Use strong passwords, i.e., passwords that are at least eight characters long and contain uppercase, lowercase, and numeric characters
      • Avoid passwords that are the same as your login name, first or last name, or any word that would be easy to guess
      • Remember your password and do not write it down
    • Lock your workstation if you are going to leave it for longer than a few minutes. However, in the computer labs, please log off and remove your personal items if you anticipate being gone for more than 10 minutes to give others an opportunity to use the computer.

Standards for Accept​able Use of Computer Labs

Users will practice proper computer and Internet etiquette and to abide by the following rules governing lab use:

  • No food or smoking in the labs. Covered drinks are allowed as long as they are removed when you leave.
  • Paper, staplers or staples, tape or dispensers, hole punchers, computer or IT equipment, chairs or anything else should not be removed from the computer labs.
  • Class-related work takes precedence over ANY other use of the computers.
  • Only one active session is allowed per person to a computer at a time.
  • The entry code to lab doors may not be given to anyone else. The door to the lab shall be kept closed. The door may not be opened by someone inside the lab to admit someone who does not have the combination.
  • Playing games on laboratory computers is prohibited unless specifically authorized by a faculty member for instructional purposes.
  • No activity that creates an environment non-conducive to studying is allowed. Examples of such activity include, but are not limited to:
    • loud talking
    • music played without headphones
    • taking calls on cell phones
    • excessive texting without silencing vibration and sounds


Disciplinary ​Action

Violations of this policy by students will be addressed by the student conduct and administrative hearing processes stated in the Student Handbook. Employees in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures by the supervisory authority to which the employee is subject. Violation of local, state, or federal laws, rules, or regulations result in civil or criminal proceedings.

Salem has the right to suspend or modify computer access privileges and passwords and to examine files, accounting information, printouts, tapes, and any other material that may aid in maintaining the integrity and efficient operation of the system. Users whose activity is viewed as a threat to the operation of the Electronic Resources of Salem, who abuse the rights of other users, or who refuse to cease behavior that violates this policy may have their user privileges revoked.

User Agree​​ment

By using Electronic Resources on campus, I agree that I have read, understand, and will abide by the above Acceptable Usage of Electronic Resources Policy when using computer and other electronic resources owned, leased, operated, or maintained by Salem Academy and College. I further understand that any violation of the guidelines stated in this policy may constitute a criminal offense. Should I commit any violation of this policy, I acknowledge and agree that my access privileges may be revoked, disciplinary action may be taken, and/or appropriate legal action may be initiated.


1Electronic Resources include any computer, computerized device, peripheral device, software, computer network, electronic communication carried by computer network, Internet access, telephone, mobile device, domains, or electronic infrastructure or files, regardless of whether it is used for administration, research, teaching, or other purposes, which is owned, leased, operated, or maintained by Salem Academy and College.