Registration, Advising, and Declaring Your Major, FAQs and Dates to Remember

Once you have been accepted to Salem College, you will meet with your advisor to plan your course of study and to choose your courses for the current term registration. There is no standing in line at Salem.

How do I register for classes?

An email will be sent to your Salem email account indicating when the interactive course schedule for the term will be available for online viewing. (No hard copies of the schedules are available.) You can find the schedule here. Review the courses you need to take within your major as well as any general education requirements you may need to complete and use this to tentatively select the courses that best fit your personal schedule and academic needs. Contact your advisor to sign up for an appointment to review what you have preplanned regarding your plan of study. Preparing your MAP or “My Academic Plan” prior to your appointment is important and necessary to the advising process. During your advising meeting, obtain your advisor’s signature on your registration card and turn the card in to the Fleer Center. Please check with the business office to clear up any account holds you may have or your registration will not be processed.

Any holds on your registration will be visible on your SIS account. All holds from the business office, library, health services, Fleer Center, etc. must be removed before your registration will be processed. It is your responsibility to notify the Fleer Center when your hold has been removed in order for your registration to be processed. You can check the status of the courses you registered for online at “MySalem” – SIS account on the Salem intranet.

How do I know who my advisor is?

Dr. Sydney Richardson, Anne Donovan, and Betty Telford advise all new students with undeclared majors as well as any student who has yet to declare his/her major. Once you officially declare your major, you will meet with the advisor assigned to you within that major for all future advising and registration appointments. All students should officially declare their major by the junior status, which begins at 17 completed courses.

How do I make an advising appointment with my advisor?

Call the Fleer Center at 721-2669 to make an appointment with Dr. Richardson, Anne Donovan, or Betty Telford. If you have declared your major, you may contact your academic advisor by email or phone to make an appointment. Some advisors post registration times outside of their office.

Is there a deadline for registering?

Yes, there is a registration deadline for fall and spring semesters for degree-seeking students. After the deadline, a late fee of $35 must be paid upfront and out-of-pocket before you can be registered. Please see the registrar’s website or the Fleer Center main office for registration deadlines.

How do I declare my major?

To declare your major pick up a green major card from the Fleer Center and schedule a meeting with the chair of the department in which you wish to major. Meet with the chair of the department to complete the card and obtain his/her signature and have the department chair designate who in that department will be your new advisor, then return it to the Fleer Center. The Fleer Center will send it to the registrar’s office where it is officially listed on your degree audit as your major and/or minor (if you have one).

Where do I turn in my registration card?

Turn in your completed registration card to the Fleer Center on the designated preregistration days. You must complete the yellow registration card front and back with your advisor’s signature. The registrar’s office will not accept incomplete or unsigned cards. The registrar’s office does not offer academic advising.

Am I finished once I turn in my registration card?

No. Please check your SIS account under MySalem to make sure your registration was processed correctly. Be sure you change the options to the appropriate term and year.

The classes I registered for are not showing up on my schedule on SIS? What’s wrong?

There could be many reasons. Make sure you have given the registrar ample time to input your request. At the busiest times of the year, the volume of registrations cards going through the registrar’s office is large. Is there a hold on your account for past tuition, an overdue library book, emergency loan or parking ticket? Your registration will not be processed until holds are resolved. Remember to bring your receipt to our office once you have paid and we will send your card back through. Did the class you registered for have a prerequisite that you have not had? Did your advisor sign your card? Please call the office if you have any questions regarding your registration.

Course Catalog and Schedules

The Salem College Course Catalog, including course schedules for upcoming terms, is now available on the Web at See also the main College Academics section for additional information on academic programs and schedules.

Description of Salem Terms
  • Fall: End of August to mid-December
  • Spring: February to mid-May
  • Jan Term: January
  • Summer 1: End of May to end of June
  • Summer 2: July to first week in August
Annual Registration Period
  • Fall: April to start of term
  • Spring: November to start of term
  • Jan Term: October 1 to start of term
  • Summer 1: May to start of term
  • Summer 2: May to start of term
Enrollment information
  • Fall or Spring full time enrollment: three courses (= four credit hours each course or total of 12 credit hours)
  • Fall or Spring part time enrollment: less than three courses
  • January (not required of Fleer students) – one course maximum per term
  • Summer enrollment: two courses maximum allowed per term