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Sep 15
Artist Reception: Barbara Frank, Emily Clare, and Delilah Rose Knuckley
6:00pm to 8:00pm
Delilah Rose Knuckley

A reception will be held for artists Barbara Frank, Emily Clare, and Delilah Rose Knuckley. All exhibits will be on display through October 13.

Barbara Frank: True Life Stories Turned Into Images and Essays

This exhibit comprises more than fifteen paintings, drawings, and collages created by Washington, DC artist Barbara Frank, along with personal essays she has written that tell parallel stories. Her brilliantly colored, narrative images contain human figures, totemic animals, and landscape. Her works reference the most current neurobiology research on how the brain works and on the relationship between the mind and the brain, as well as ancient biblical texts and studies of human behavior.

Emily Clare: New Drawings, 2015–2017

Drawing is a process of working with the most direct means possible, mixed-media on paper. Responding to something real—from nature—is what sparks imagination. Drawing expresses the emotion that connects the artist with nature. This series of drawings began with rubbings from the beautiful flat seedpods of Australian Poinciana trees. From these initial traces, the imagery grows more complex, tactile, and suggestive as it evolves. Some suggest close-ups, others aerial views, some seem in between. Each creates a world unto itself, both in nature and in abstraction.

Delilah Rose Knuckley: dominium eminens

Dominium Eminens is an exploration of texture, possibility, and myth, responding to the ability of mankind to enact fatal blows to the environment, in tandem with ancient ingenuity and resourcefulness in harmony and engineering. This exhibition includes installations of sculpture as well as mixed-media screen print, gouache. This site-specific work invites collectors to cut pieces from the work as the exhibition unfolds, thus performing the act of cutting away the landscape and creating new terrains. Audiences will view the exhibition with a sound-collage audio accompaniment.


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