About the Center for Women Writers

Established in 1996 by poet, Annette Allen, the Center for Women Writers (CWW), a literary arts organization, supports, encourages and promotes the writing and writing lives of women, trans women and nonbinary writers. CWW hosts a variety of events, including lectures, panels, readings and workshops, and underwrites a January Term Writer-in-Residence Program.

CWW offers several awards and scholarships, including a $500 scholarship for seniors who major in Creative Writing, a scholarship for juniors who major or minor in Creative Writing, and an international literary award.

Metta Sáma, Director of the Creative Writing Program and Associate Professor in CWP, currently directs the Center with the support of student staff members. The CWW offers students an opportunity to acquire skills to become Arts Managers, Event Managers and Program Coordinators.

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What We Do at CWW

  • Encourages writers at Salem College to strengthen their writing skills through coursework in creative writing; to learn editing and publishing skills both through coursework and via work for the various College publications;
  • Sponsors an annual open mic event that focuses on major societal issues, including food insecurity and police brutality;
  • Sponsors the annual International Literary Awards competition
  • Sponsors the annual student awards competitions;
  • Sponsors the annual spring semester student reading event, Spotlight on Student Writers;  
  • Underwrites a January Term writer-in-residence and a full-year writer-in-residence; 
  • Organizes readings, craft talks, and panels, which are free and open to the public.