First of all, it should be said that most people get their jobs through networking, not internet or classified searching. Many jobs go unpublished or unadvertised, so while the internet is a great resource for the job seeker, it should be only one of the many things that you are doing to find employment. Most of your time should be spent talking to people in the FLESH, not surfing the net.

  • Narrow your search down to the top 3 locations and the top 3 positions that you will be willing to accept (a job search that is too broad is VERY hard to conduct)
  • Look at each city’s chamber of commerce website
  • Find websites for the associations that people in your field belong to (many times jobs will be listed there or networking opportunities like conferences and conventions will be advertised)
  • Visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook online: for statistics on job outlook, cost of living and salary data
  • Visit to gather information about working in North Carolina
  • Visit to search for jobs nationwide.
  • Visit to search for international opportunities

As you might already know, there are websites that help you look for jobs in certain fields like nonprofit, science and sales. If you type in “nonprofit jobs” in Google, you will find these fairly easily.

A+ Summer – Summer jobs and seasonal employment

Action Without – Listings of jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities with non-profit organizations

College Grad Job – Job/internship listings from employers nationwide

College – Full-time and part-time jobs and internships

Cool – Find summer work in the outdoors and with the National Park Service

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing – Internships for those interested in arts management and/or arts education

Indeed compiles information from other job sites into one easily searchable database:

Institute for Humane – Internships in DC for those interested in public policy – Job search guide with career search tips and openings

Magazine Publishing– Internships in the magazine publishing industry – Full–time, part–time and internships

The National – Searchable database of internships for those interested in youth development – Part time jobs and summer jobs nationwide

Summer – summer jobs and seasonal staff positions with camps, resorts, national parks, hotels, environmental organizations and more

The Washington – Homepage for the Washington Center Internship Program

Women in International Security Online Internship – Institutions offering internships in international affairs