Internships offer the opportunity to supplement classroom theory with practical knowledge gained from a carefully monitored, field-based learning experience in a professional setting. Internships provide either a general career exploratory experience (experimental internship) or a pre-professional level experience related to the student’s academic objectives (departmental internship).

  • Students are required to work 120 hours in the internship site.
  • Qualified students may do internships during the regular term as well as during the January Term and in the summer.
  • Internships are not open to first-year students.
  • Requirements for departmental internships are determined by each department and are listed in the course descriptions in the Academic Catalog.
  • Students interested in pursuing an experimental internship must be in good academic standing (cumulative grade point average of 2.0).
  • Faculty sponsors should check to make sure that students have the necessary courses and cumulative average before approving an internship.

Most internships are unpaid; transportation costs and expenses of a personal nature are borne by the student. The maximum number of internship course credits allowed for graduation is four.

Setting up the Internship

1. It is the student’s responsibility to explore internship possibilities.

  • Visit the office of Student Professional Development to discuss internship sites, resumes, interviewing and contacting organizations.
  • Internships are posted on Salem's College Career Network website. Students may also visit other links and resources online, talk to faculty and upperclassmen, or family and friends to assist with finding an internship.

2. Meet with your faculty sponsor early in the semester to discuss potential internship opportunities. A student should not contact any off-campus agency or supervisor until she has met with a faculty sponsor and has received tentative approval of the proposed internship.

3. After receiving tentative faculty approval, the student is responsible for contacting the agency/business regarding the internship.

4. If it is a student’s first Salem College internship, she must attend an internship orientation.

5. The student must complete their internship contract, secure all required signatures and submit the completed contract with liability waivers to the Student Professional Development Center by the final day of Drop/Add.

  • Students who do not complete and submit the contract form prior to the deadlines stated in the catalog or the commencement of the January Term may not receive academic credit for the internship.
  • It is recommended that students who enroll in a departmental internship present their work in some public forum within the department.

Evaluation of the Internship The faculty sponsor is responsible for the evaluation of the internship experience. The faculty sponsor evaluates the student’s written work (written work might include a paper, journals, posters, exhibits, etc.) and the on-site supervisor’s evaluation of the intern’s work: 1 copy is given to the faculty sponsor and 1 copy is given to the Student Professional Development Office.

Also, the intern will fill out an evaluation of their experience of the internship with 1 copy delivered to the faculty sponsor and 1 copy to be delivered to the Student Professional Development Office.

The faculty sponsor assigns the student’s grade (letter grade for departmental internships, Pass/No Credit for experimental internships).