Students of the Community Music School at Salem College have not only grown in their appreciation for music, but have achieved great accomplishments. They:

  • Regularly receive awards, trophies, and recognition
  • Continually receive scholarships to colleges, universities, and summer music programs
  • Have gone on to receive advanced degrees and training in music
  • Have become professional musicians and music educators
  • Have returned to become instructors at the Community Music School at Salem College


Most of our instructors hold advanced degrees in music. They attend workshops and conferences, and are members of music associations. They are committed to providing excellence in music education. More information on our faculty can be found at Faculty.

Reputation and History

Salem College has provided music instruction for the community for longer than any of us can remember! Many of our students have received recognition, awards, scholarships, and other honors. Some students have even gone on to earn music degrees at prestigious conservatories and institutions. 

Lessons and Classe

The Community Music School at Salem College provides lessons and classes for the hobbyist, the pre-professional, and professional musicians. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced musician, we have something for you.

Innovative Pedagogies

Our faculty are committed to using the best materials and strategies available, combining traditional teaching with innovative curricula.


At least three recitals are offered each semester. These are somewhat informal, providing students with an opportunity to share their musical growth.