Regular attendance is expected. Full tuition is due for all scheduled lessons/classes/workshops, even those missed by the student. Lessons/classes/workshops missed due to faculty absence or CMS closings will be rescheduled at a mutually convenient time. Faculty are not obligated to make up lessons/classes/workshops missed by students. Refunds will not be granted for student absences. All lessons missed by the teacher will be rescheduled during the semester and may require either more than one lesson/week, or lengthening of lessons.  


A notice of withdrawal by telephone or in writing must be submitted to the director of the CMS for any student to be withdrawn. Notifying the teacher is not sufficient. Students may not withdraw from lessons or classes once the semester begins. 

School closings

In the event of inclement weather, classes will be rescheduled when possible or account credits will be arranged. The CMS will close whenever Salem College is closed. Announcements can be found on the main college website ( and are often included on local television and radio stations. Please remember that the CMS closes independently of area schools. Students with questions about whether the CMS is closed can also contact their teacher directly. Teachers are not obligated to teach in inclement weather, even when Salem College and the CMS are open. If there is inclement weather but the CMS is open, teachers may choose to reschedule lessons for that day.   

Photographs and publicity

The CMS periodically uses photography and video to document lessons, classes, and events. These photos may be used in brochures, advertising, or public relations activities. Photographs featuring registered students are considered eligible for publication unless a student or parent/guardian notifies the director. By sending your payment and registration form, you agree to abide by the policies of the Community Music School at Salem College.The CMS reserves the right to change any curricular offering, policy, procedure, or fee.

Scheduled Holidays

Please refer to the CMS calendar for a listing of scheduled breaks and other dates of interest.  

Supervision of Children

Parents are advised that Salem Academy and College assumes no responsibility for the supervision of children while they are on the campus. Parents are responsible for the safety and conduct of their children at all times. Parents are expected to remain with younger children while they wait for lessons to begin, and should be present when lessons are finished. You may discuss with your child's teacher whether it is appropriate for you to sit in on the lesson.

The exhibits in the gallery may occasionally contain works that parents may find unsuitable for young children. If you wish to avoid the gallery space, please use the Drama Workshop entrance and the stairs located at that entrance.