Group Classes (Private Lessons)

Beginning Guitar for Kids taught by Samuel Taylor

This six-week class is an excellent first introduction to the guitar in a relaxed, social environment with an easy-to-grasp musical approach. Contact us for the beginning time and date of the next session. Enroll today!

Teen Guitarists taught by Samuel Taylor

  Cover the basics of guitar playing and experiment with several styles in this excellent small-group course. Contact us for the date and time of the next session. Enroll today!

Beginning Guitar for Adults taught by Samuel Taylor

Whether you have always wanted to play guitar or already play and are looking for an experienced guide, this friendly small-group course will take you to the next level. Contact us for date and time information. Enroll today!

Beginning Piano for 5-7 Years Old taught by Jesse MacKenzie

This six-week class is an excellent first introduction to the piano in a fun, social environment with interesting pieces and musical games. Contact us for enrollment information!

Beginning Piano for 8-12 Years Old taught by Jesse MacKenzie

Learn all the basics of piano playing and explore fun styles of music including: classical, folk, pop/rock, and improvisation. This is an great introduction to the piano for older beginners in a fun, social environment with musical games/activities. Enroll today!

Beginning Piano for Adults taught by Jesse MacKenzie

For those who come to the piano later in life, the ability to sit down with confidence and enjoy making the music yourself can be a dream come true. This class is for you! We cover all the basics and get you comfortable connecting with the piano and enjoying its charms. Please join us today!

Private Lessons

Piano for K-12

Private Lessons taught by Jesse MacKenzie

Ms. MacKenzie offers a foundation of good technique through the Lister-Sink Method© that gives every young pianist the skills to realize their potential. With fun and interesting music to play and four recital opportunities each year, students can achieve fluency at the piano and confidence in their performance ability!

Private Lessons taught by Glenna Poindexter

Ms. Poindexter offers a wide variety of performance opportunities through her active participation in the North Carolina Federation of Music Clubs and the North Carolina Music Teachers’ Association.

Piano for Adults

Private Lessons taught by Jesse MacKenzie

Ms. MacKenzie offers a foundation of good technique through the Lister-Sink Method© that helps pianists of any age enjoy the piano and solve problems of pain, discomfort or limitation. With insightful training in musicality available on a beautiful Steinway grand piano, adults are able to connect with a rich heritage of classical repertoire and express their innate musical selves!

Guitar & Ukulele

Taught by Samuel Taylor

Mr. Taylor offers both classical and folk/fingerstyle guitar and ukulele. His expertise in guitar technique is combined with a clearly articulated and easy-to-grasp music theory approach that accelerates student learning.

Violin & Viola

Taught by Laura Blankenship

Ms. Blankenship offers a fun and creative approach that allows students to explore their own ways of understanding music. Her talent as a performer informs her successful approach to auditions, and she has a proven track record of success with students being accepted into Honors All-County and Honors Western-Regional Orchestras in North Carolina.


Taught by Lee Richey

Mr. Richey offers students a sound approach to cello that is eminently musical. Students also reap the benefits of his extensive experience with orchestral performance and conducting.


Taught by Kristin Schwecke

Ms. Schwecke thoroughly understands the voice, and works patiently with young singers to help them apply new principles that open up the full potential of their developing voices. She combines her experience as an artist with her clarity in communication as an educator.


Taught by Deborah Wilson

Ms. Wilson offers an experienced approach to flute playing informed by her many years of experience in community bands. If you currently play flute and would like to join a band, or have joined a band and could use some wisdom from an experienced flautist, her coaching could be the key to success.

Clarinet & Recorder

Taught by Maurissa Zimmerman

Ms. Zimmerman offers a practical approach to clarinet and recorder that is an excellent choice for students in Middle or High School. With her performance experience and passion as a music educator, she offers students the skills and confidence to achieve success in band or orchestra.


Taught by Guy Kelpin

Mr. Kelpin offers “All things Brass…” in styles ranging from

Classical to Bluegrass, Beach, Jazz, and Rock. His experienced approach prepares students for success in a wide variety of styles and groups.