Black Americans Demonstrating Unity (BADU)

BADU is a group formed to provide support (academic, social, moral, etc.) for students who are African American. BADU also sponsors cultural events and activities implemented through unity, hoping to continuously bridge the gap between traditional and nontraditional students, as well as other cultural clubs on campus.

Hispanic Organization for Leadership Achievement (HOLA)

HOLA’s mission is to celebrate with and educate the Salem community about Hispanic culture while providing a support group for Latina Salem students. We also strive to sponsor meaningful activities and service projects to benefit Salem College and the Hispanic community of the Winston-Salem area.

International Club

The International Club fosters the interests of Salem students in international affairs, foreign culture, and study abroad. It recognizes the contributions of international students to the Salem community and provides cultural and academic events of an international nature. The group hosts an annual dinner/dance to celebrate International culture.


Onua is a multicultural organization on campus, open to all students, that fosters awareness. The members are concerned with promoting diversity and multicultural awareness, acting as a support group for all students, and sponsoring activities and projects that give service to Salem College and the community.

Open Up

Open Up is an LGBTQIA+ organization alliance at Salem College. Its purpose is to educate members of the Salem community on the topic of sexuality and its effects on people in our everyday society. Open Up is a forum for the exchange of ideas, views, perceptions, and opinions. It provides a safe space for students to share these feelings and experiences without fear of harassment or ridicule. All faculty, staff, and students are invited to be a part of Open Up.