Campus Activities Board (CAB)

The Campus Activities Board is responsible for sponsoring diverse social and entertainment programs both on and off campus. These programs include parties, special events, dances and mystery trips. Dances include Fall Lawn Party, Semi-Formal, Formal and Spring Cocktail. Elected students form the CAB Executive Board.

Off Campus Association (OCA)

The Off Campus Association (OCA) is an organization for off campus students. The purpose of this organization is to create an awareness of the activities and opportunities available to students who live off campus and to encourage their participation in the life of the College. The OCA functions to make each day student, Fleer Center student, and Adult Degree Program student aware of the activities and opportunities available on campus and to encourage participation in these activities. The Day Student Lounge, located in Main Hall, is the headquarters for all day and Fleer Center students.

The OCA Executive Board consists of a president (or co-presidents), vice president, secretary, treasurer, Honor Council representative, and Judicial Council representative. OCA meets the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Salem Society of Ramblers

The SSR is Salem’s hiking and outdoor activity organization. We function as a network to connect students with other students who like the outdoors as well as provide recreation venues for the novice to advanced hiker. Rambling, (a somewhat dated British expression, but remaining in use because it is enshrined in the title of the important Ramblers’ Association), is the term generally used to mean walking in nature areas on specially designated routes or trails, as opposed to in urban environments.

Women in Nature (WIN)

Our new Women in Nature (WIN) program spans both our leadership and wellness initiatives as it provides students with empowerment through experiences in the great outdoors! Professors and staff members lead women-only outings that include hiking, camping, and kayaking adventures.


College Democrats

The Salem College Democrats Club is affiliated with the North Carolina Federation of College Democrats. The Federation is a division of the Young North Carolina Democrats and offers many of the same opportunities. Students involved with this club participate actively in Democratic politics on and off campus. Locally, statewide and nationally, students help with campaigns, sponsor speakers, and attend rallies and conferences. On a campus level, the College Democrats sponsor activities and events to encourage education and student participation in politics.

College Republicans

The Salem College Republican Club, a member of the North Carolina Federation of College Republicans, offers each student the chance for practical work and experience in the American political system. Members work for Republican candidates on all levels and also have the opportunity to meet with other College Republican clubs for rallies, workshops, mixers, and lectures and to attend the statewide College Republican conventions.

Young Americans For Liberty

The Salem College Young Americans for Liberty is an organization which supports the ideas of economic freedom to provide for one's life, social freedom to choose how to lead one's life, and intellectual and academic freedom to enrich one’s life. The Salem chapter works closely with national Libertarian Party.

Student Publications


Incunabula is the arts magazine of the Salem College community and consists of creative works (arts, music, prose, poetry, and photography) submitted by Salem students, alumnae, faculty, and special guests. The staff members gather submissions, proofread, and edit the magazine. New staff members are welcomed each year.

The Salemite

The Salemite has been serving the Salem community since 1920. It originated as the campus newspaper and was recently transferred to a WordPress blog in 2010 at In keeping with Salem's tradition of open and thorough communications, The Salemite keeps the campus informed of events both within and beyond the Square. Some opportunities available to staff members include writing articles, selling advertisements, drawing graphics, taking pictures, and working on the layout of the paper. The Salemite accepts articles written by any Salem student. To submit an article or request a staff application, email

Sights and Insights

Sights & Insights is Salem's yearbook. It includes the major events of the year. Students are needed for photography, artwork, design layout, and to sell advertising. 

Sights and lnsights

Club Sports

Club Sports Philosophy: Students interested in club sports, please see the Club Sports Handbook available through the Department of Athletics and Physical Education. A student may also make an appointment with the director of athletics to discuss club sport options for a particular year.


Salem College cheerleading team members are dedicated to providing positive support for the athletic teams, to participating in various fundraising events, and to volunteering for organizations as appropriate to support the team and the Salem community. The cheerleaders work hard to improve recognition, respect, and loyalty to Salem College; to promote fan and student morale; and to generate the excitement needed to support the team and the Salem community.