A Salem College chapter of CHANGE is dedicated to empowering Salem students to change the world through grassroots organizing on campus, in partnership with local college youth, and throughout Forsyth County. Salem College CHANGE will organize students around campus issues. The chapter also will partner with emerging CHANGE chapters at local colleges, mobilizing college-aged youth to organize around local issues impacting them. Membership is open to all Salem College students (traditional and Fleer). Members will be required to pay annual dues of $10.

Salem Students for Choice

Salem Students for Choice, a chapter of the national organization Choice USA, mobilizes and provides ongoing support to young people who promote and protect reproductive choice both now and in the future. We are committed to providing education for Salem students and the surrounding community, making the campus and community more just and lobbying for issues concerning reproductive justice.

Environment Concerns Organization (ECO)

ECO is an organization to inform the Salem community about environmental issues and to inspire positive change through the dedication to projects that protect the environment and increase sustainability, including a campus-wide recycling program. Any Salem College student who is concerned about our environment may join.

Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA)

FMLA is a non-sectarian, non-partisan organization affiliated with the Feminist Majority Foundation. The purpose of the FMLA is to study and take action on national, state, local, and campus feminist issues and concerns; to educate the College community about feminist issues, and to create an open and candid space for feminist dialog and experience.

Open Up

Open Up is an LGBTQIA+ organization alliance at Salem College. Its purpose is to educate members of the Salem community on the topic of sexuality and its effects on people in our everyday society. Open Up is a forum for the exchange of ideas, views, perceptions, and opinions. It provides a safe space for students to share these feelings and experiences without fear of harassment or ridicule. All faculty, staff, and students are invited to be a part of Open Up.

Student Activist Movement (SAM)

SAM is a group that strives to empower other students to be involved in activism both at Salem and in the community.

Stop Child Trafficking Now (SCT Now)

SCT Now is a service organization dedicated to raising awareness about the injustice of child trafficking globally and domestically in the United States. Students take action through community education, fundraising, and event coordinating.

Toms Campus Club (TCC)

TCC is a student organization at Salem that is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of children in third-world countries. They help provide shoes for children in need to prevent health risks that they are able to avoid by simply wearing a pair of shoes.