Salem Spirits: Salem College Athletics in Winston-Salem, NC

Do you have Salem spirit? Yes, you do! Whether you’re an NCAA athlete or an avid supporter of our various sports teams, your contributions make our athletic success not just possible, but a lot of fun, too. 

Softball Team huddling in the infield

Dedicated to the pursuit of athletic excellence, our student-athletes enhance their academic experiences by participating in competitive intercollegiate athletics. They conduct themselves in a manner befitting that of a respectful Salem College student, adhering to NCAA Division III guidelines, and representing their school at all times. 

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Stay Active with Salem College Recreation & Wellness Programs

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Division III athlete or an occasional jogger — physical activity and mindful exercise are crucial to your well-being. At Salem College, we’re committed to the health and wellness of all of our students. To support you in your efforts to take care of your health, we provide a variety of recreational activities, fitness walking trails, and wellness programs. We highly encourage you to make some of these activities part of your routine, as it will allow you to better focus on your studies while also improving your overall health.


Learn More About Salem Athletics in Winston-Salem

To find out more about our Athletics Department, NCAA qualifications, or upcoming sports team schedules, feel free to contact Athletic Director Trish Hughes.

Salem College is proud to compete in NCAA Division III athletics in Winston-Salem, NC, and the USA South Athletic Conference.