Breaking into the fields of science and mathematics continues to be a challenge for women today. The Women in Science and Mathematics Program at Salem (WISMP) was developed to address that very issue through the offering of comprehensive support resources and rich academic opportunities that distinguish our students and graduates as they enter the professional world.

The Women in Science and Mathematics Program is an initiative designed to bolster the efforts of motivated, intelligent young women from any number of specific academic disciplines. We seek to position them to not just enter the field of mathematics or science, but to impact it. The program includes a seminar series, panel discussions, guest lecturers, trips to professional conferences, study abroad opportunities, research internships, independent lab work, and the biannual Women in Science Exchange (WISE) Conference, which will take place in fall of 2010.

While this program is not an academic major, students gain life-changing preparation. The program recently produced a Fulbright Scholar, and graduates commonly are accepted into some of the finest medical schools and graduate programs in the nation. Recent graduates have entered such fields as medicine, neuroscience, chemistry, pharmacology, and nursing, among others.

“The Women in Science and Mathematics (WISM) Program effectively prepares our students for careers in science and mathematics or related fields, including graduate and professional schools. Through internships and research, students use creativity, improve communication skills and learn new scientific techniques. WISM-sponsored seminars and conferences introduce our students to new discoveries and foster networking. Our mission is to mentor our students in all four disciplines to achieve excellence. Watching the transformation of our students is most rewarding!” 

Rebecca Dunn, PhD, Director of the Women in Science and Mathematics Program