At Salem College we believe your voice matters and your potential is unlimited. Here you are free to imagine how far you can shine.

Read how some of our Alumnae are changing the world!

Anna Walker

“I was free to shape my education and learn the scope of my abilities.”

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“The potential for personal connections pushed me ahead.”

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Laila Muhammad on the set
Christin Barnhardt

“Having the room to step up and lead in college gave me a confidence I use every time I stand in front of a class or choir.”

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“Salem helped me identify my ‘edge’ and understand how to invest in it.”

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Keesa Schreane in Times Square
Meenal Khajuria

“My confidence grew because Salem invested in me.”

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“Salem supported me all the way, even when I made a complete turn on my career path.”

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Staci Lewis in Spain