September 2016

Dear Salem Alumna,

As the Salem College Alumnae Board continues to look for meaningful ways to connect alumnae and current students, we will be hosting several dinner events that will bring students (seniors) and alumnae together throughout the 2016-2017 academic year. We plan to do this through the Once a Student, Always an Alumna Dinner Series.

Students have expressed an interest in having small, intimate gatherings with alumnae to help build connections, learn about their career paths, or simply to enjoy nice dinner conversation with those who understand what it’s like to prepare to leave their comfortable home, Salem, to explore the world. It’s our goal to have several hosts per month for these events allowing students to sign up for dinners based on their interests (career, education, or personal) and availability. These events are very low-key and informal. I helped host a dinner and we made a big pot of potato soup and bought some cookies from Winkler Bakery. We visited with students and reminisced about our times at Salem, talked about our first adventures in the world, and listened to students talk about their plans. It was an inspiring time that helped to renew my passion for Salem to see the amazing, bright, and ambitious women that are continuing Salem’s legacy. We exchanged emails, phone numbers, and connected with many students via social media. I have remained in touch with those students and am so proud to see them out in the world!

Many of you live out of town, state, or the country and may not live close enough to Salem to host a dinner event. We have had success with several dinner events where two or more “long distance” alumnae participated via Skype of Facetime. If you are able to host a dinner close enough for the students to drive (Raleigh, Charlotte, etc), please plan accordingly, or consider a weekend to avoid interfering with class schedules. Students are free to choose the dinner that they would like to attend and will know their location options, so if transportation is an option, they can plan accordingly. Local alumnae may wish to host the gathering at the RG House or a restaurant close to Salem. “Dinner” is not required. Coffee and dessert is wonderful! Students are simply excited to share time with alumnae.

I hope that you will consider investing your time by helping to host a gathering. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! If you are able to host a dinner, please respond back to me via email with your date choice and location by September 12. I will follow up with additional information. We would like to start the dinners in October and conclude them in early May. We are grateful for your consideration!

Yours in Sisterhood,


Emily Hanes Hinesley C’06
Student Services Co-Chair
Salem College Alumnae Board