What is the Dinner Series?

The Once a Student, Always an Alumna Dinner Series is a program that brings senior students together with alumnae for an evening of good food, good conversation, and the Salem College spirit of sisterhood and hospitality. The dinners are designed to be relaxed social events that create an opportunity for students and alumnae to get to know one another, interact in a fun way, and build connections between alumnae and Salem students. The program relies on the hospitality of local alumnae volunteers who open their homes and host a dinner party because they remember Salem fondly and want to connect with current students.

A series of dinners will be hosted during the 2016-2017 school year by volunteer Salem alumnae. Each dinner will include about 8-12 students and 4-5 alumnae.

Current Students - We’re all members of the same community.

Make meaningful connections. Once a Student, Always an Alumna Dinner Series is open to all Salem Seniors: Traditional and Fleer, and best of all it's free to participate. The dinners are usually held in the home of the alumna volunteer who also covers all the expenses, so there is no cost to participate (though guests are asked to arrange their own transportation).

Participation is voluntary and sign up is easy through Sign-up Genius, an online tool. Once all of the dinners have been scheduled, an email will go out to all senior students with signup information. To attend a dinner: 1) simply use the link to go to the online sign-up sheet, 2) select a dinner that works with your schedule, and 3) show up for a great evening with interesting alumnae!

Salem Alumnae - Thinking about Hosting?

We can’t do it without you! Local area hosts are needed to help meet the high student interest in this popular program! Hosting a Once a Student, Always an Alumna Dinner is a fun way to make a personal and direct impact on a small group of students at Salem College by hosting your own student engagement event. The tone, style, and specifics of the evening are up to you. You determine the theme for the evening, the size of the group, the menu, and location of the dinner. Feel free to be creative!

Hosting involves welcoming a small group of students and a few other alumnae into your home or an alternate location and providing a meal at your expense. Your group can range from 8-12 or more.  The choice is up to you! Alumni Association staff members will handle the guest list, the sign-up, and provide guidance and advice. Opening your home and showing that you care about the student experience can go a long way towards helping students feel like a welcome part of the Salem community. Volunteer hosts are essential to the success of the dinners, and we are looking for new hosts to help meet student demand for the program.

If you are not sure about going it alone, you can choose to team up with a buddy and co-host a dinner with a fellow alumna. Don’t want to cook or host it in your home? Choose your favorite caterer, or simply host it in a local restaurant or at the Rondthaler-Gramley House on campus. Other ways to participate are to sign up to attend a dinner that’s being hosted by a fellow alumna. Each dinner is open to 4-5 alumnae guests.  There are lots of preselected dates to choose from to host an event throughout the school year or select your own date.

Be part of this new tradition that is taking the campus by storm! We are currently looking for hosts for the October 2016 through May 2017 season.

For more details on hosting, please consult our Guide to Hosting a Once a Student, Always an Alumna Dinner.

Contact: Emily Hinesley
Phone: 336-653-8995

Once a Student, Always an Alumna Dinner Series

Once a Student, Always an Alumna Dinner Series is a Salem College Alumnae Association run program designed to help build linkages and connections between current senior students and alumnae. The primary goal is to create an opportunity for both groups to meet and interact in a relaxed setting and bond over the shared Salem experience. To achieve this goal, alumnae volunteers host dinner parties made up of a random assortment of guests (usually 8-12) students, and four to five alumnae. Students are seeking career and educational advice and contacts in the real world. They want to learn from experienced alumnae. For alumnae it’s a great way to learn about what’s going on at Salem today and be inspired by smart, interesting, and ambitious young women.

Who knows?  You may meet your next great intern or associate.