The Salem College Alumnae Association, in conjunction with the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society of Salem College, is compiling a voluntary database of alumnae who wish to be involved with current Salem students.

The CONNECT SALEM database is being created by these two groups to facilitate alumna-student interactions. Through this database, you, the alumna, may indicate your desire to be involved and in what capacity while students may learn which alumnae wish to volunteer to assist students in detailed ways described below.

This database will not be a public document.  It will not be used to solicit financial giving to the college or any other organization or to gain access to alumnae names for sending advertisements or sales promotions. This is strictly a database to be housed with the Director of Professional Development on the Salem College campus and can only be accessed from that location and with her permission.

If you are interested in being involved with Salem students, in any capacity, we ask and encourage you to complete the CONNECT SALEM questionnaire.