Molly Wu, China, C’08

My four years at Salem has been the most amazing experience in my life!  I met many intelligent and talented students from all over the world who contribute their diverse characters and spirits into the student body.  Professors were amiable teachers, good friends, and supportive families.  Alumnae help their Salem sisters with internship and job opportunities, serving as a bridge between the school and the real world.  Administrative staffs made the life so easy and colorful in this community. The various organization activities fulfilled my leisure time while enhancing my interpersonal and leadership skills.    I came to Salem as a teenage girl four years ago, but now I walked out of the school as an independent woman!    Salem spirit lasts forever!  

Doe Kumsa, Ethopia, C’07 

One of my favorite things about Salem is the student-faculty relationship, how everybody is so supportive and ready to help with whatever. It is more like a family and I also like how Salem is decorated more like a home than a school………All in all, I had the best time when I was in Salem and I loved/love it! I would definitely send my children there. 

Prabha Shrestha, Nepal, C’09 

Even though I initially had doubts about how liberal art was going to work for me, now I am really glad that I had this kind of education. It really helped me appreciate and understand the importance and scope of fields other than my major. I think liberal arts really helps to build a well-rounded person. 

Faith Mmanywa, Tanzania, C’02 

The faculty are so dedicated to making sure we truly get the best education…truly bring (out) the best in us.  As an international I truly felt the faculty were there for us and made the adjustment easier by being understanding and very helpful.  …………The faculty is truly exceptional. I enjoyed the liberal arts aspect of Salem, as I was able to learn a lot of things before actually concentrating on one major, I think this is a good way to be a well- rounded and balanced individual. My advisors made my decision of what class to take and when to take them much easier as they provided guidance and were helpful.  Also they were able to guide me in decision like graduate school and careers options.