First, let me congratulate you on your admission to Salem College. Second, allow me to introduce you to the Salem Signature program, which includes the general education courses a student takes outside her major.

The goal of the Salem Signature is to produce creative thinkers and effective communicators, confident women who are prepared to change the world. Students will work closely with faculty in small classes and will go into the community to experience hands-on learning through professional and service-learning opportunities.

Across your four years at Salem, the key features of the Salem Signature include:

  • the First Year Experience, a variety of seminars focused on such issues such as The Meaning of Friendship Today; Traveler, Immigrants, and Pilgrims; and Creative Thinking. In these seminars, students work collaboratively on a project, improve their writing and thinking skills, and develop their ability to communicate using technology;
  • a Service Learning Seminar, in which students work on a community-related research project, perform 30 hours of hands-on community service, and develop skills required for effective citizenship;
  • an Internship or Professional Development Experience, in which students will explore career possibilities and develop real-world professional skills;
  • exploration of a variety of academic disciplines through requirements in science, mathematics, social science, arts, and humanities;
  • a course focused on women’s roles and the impact of women across cultures and time;
  • a global-focused course, focused on the impact that different cultures and locations make on learning
  • a capstone interdisciplinary experience, including an individual project, aimed at synthesizing the students’ academic experiences and real-life goals.

If you have any questions about the Salem Signature, I would welcome an e-mail at I hope that I will see you as a participant in this exciting academic endeavor at Salem.


Richard Vinson
Dean of Undergraduate Studies