Financial Planning Options

File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if you have not already done so, and be sure to review and complete any additional financial paperwork requested by the Office of Financial Aid.

You will be billed by semester as outlined below. Your bill will be sent to your Salem email account. (When you confirm your plans to enroll, you will receive a Salem College email address and password.) Please note that your first bill will be sent to you on July 1, 2018. For more information visit the business office section of the website.

Your enrollment costs for 2018-19 include:

          Tuition: $28,950
          Room & Board (Resident Students only): $11,850
          Student Government Fee (paid in full in the fall): $216
          Technology Fee: $250

Residential Students will be billed by semester:

          Enrollment Deposit (due May 1): $250
          Fall Term (due August 1): $20,616
          Spring Term (due January 2): $20,400

Non-Residential Students will be billed by semester:

          Enrollment Deposit (due May 1): $250
          Fall Term (due August 1): $14,691
          Spring Term (due January 2): $14,475

Additional Expenses for all First-Year and new Transfer Students (estimated for planning purposes):

          Books and supplies (per term): $500-$600
          Personal expenses (per term): $400-$600

Payment Plan

The College offers a monthly installment plan each semester. While there are no interest charges, a $50 per semester application fee is required. A brochure providing additional information about the installment plan will be mailed in early May to all deposited students. Additional information is available at

Financial Aid Verification

If you receive notice that your financial aid award requires verification, you must complete the verification process for your award to become finalized and applied to your account balance. The verification process is mandated by law and requires submission of specific documents. It can be a multi-step, lengthy process. Please complete all steps as soon as possible so that your financial aid award can be reflected on your billing statement. For more information, visit the financial aid webpages of the website.

Work Study

If you are awarded work study as a part of your financial aid package, you will be eligible to earn money by working on campus. Please note that work study is not applied to your account balance (i.e. It is not subtracted from your bill). Work study jobs are usually 7.5 hours a week earning minimum wage. You will receive payment for hours worked once a month, beginning in October for hours worked in September. Payment for work study hours will be made via direct deposit or prepaid card, whichever you choose. During the summer you will receive information about available positions on campus.