Academic Advising and Class Registration

Selecting and registering for your college courses is all new territory for you, and Salem will provide you with a team of support that includes Dr. Richard Vinson, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and a Faculty Advisor.

By June 15, all deposited students should complete the following:

When do I register?

In June, we will contact you to make an individual advising appointment. The appointments will happen in early July after Salem receives final high school transcripts, AP scores, and any dual enrollment college transcripts. In a phone and/or email conversation, you and your advisor will select courses, and you will receive a draft schedule of your classes for the fall by August 15. During orientation, you and your advisor will have a chance to review your schedule and make any necessary changes. During orientation, you will also have time to visit the bookstore and purchase the books you will need for your fall courses. We suggest planning to spend approximately $500-$600 on textbooks and supplies per semester. Prices will vary based on availability of used books or rental books.

Transfer Students

Transfer Students are advised after all college transcripts have been received and credits are evaluated. Dean Vinson will contact you to complete your advising and registration.

The Honor Tradition

The Honor Tradition is a long-standing, highly respected tradition at the heart of life at Salem. When you join our community of scholars, you will sign your class’ official copy of the Honor Code, pledging to maintain academic integrity and to treat all members of the community with dignity and respect. Visit the Honor Code section of our website for more details.

Questions? Contact:

Richard Vinson
Richard Vinson
Professor of Religion
Dean of Undergraduate Studies
(336) 721-2619